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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 29 Issue 9 September 2016


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Maine Coastal News FREE A Great Season of Lobster Boat Racing Comes to an End

One of the best battles this season has been between Cameron Crawford's WILD WILD WEST and Tom Clemons' MOTIVATION. The other boat is Marshall Spear's JACALWA.

FRIENDSHIP: For the sixth race of the year lobster racers from all over the coast and beyond headed for Friendship on 24 July. The weather was perfect and racers who

traveled great distances said it was one of the best trips they can remember, coming and going. For the fi rst time we signed up onshore, instead of out on the water. Sign- ups were steady and when we were done 50 boats were entered and that is the most that has ever attended the Friendship races. The fi rst races of the day were the three

Work Boat Classes. As the fi rst race came up the course, Class A (skiff s 16-feet and under with outboards up to 30 hp, Operator 18 years and younger), it was easy to note that one of the boats, Ron Carter’s LITTLE ABBY [14’; 18-hp Mercury], did not have anyone 18 years old or younger at the helm or even in the boat. When they pulled up to the committee boat they were told that they had been disqualifi ed and why. Caleb Young’s ANDREW J II [Discovery 16; 25-hp Johnson] was fi rst over the line and second went to Brady Carter [14’, 25-hp]. In Class B (Inboards, outboards or outdrives, 31 to 90 hp) there were six boats on the line. The winner was Al Strout’s CLUSTA [Lowe 18; 40-hp Tohatsu]. In Class C, (Inboards, outboards or outdrives, 91 hp and up) saw Richard Olsen’s BILLY BOY [Robalo 26; 400-hp] instantly take a big lead and the win. In the Gasoline Classes there were no entrants in Class A (4 & 6 cylinder 24 feet

and over) and Class E (V-8, Over 525 cid, 28 feet and over, superchargers/Turbos). There was only one in Class B (V-8 up to 375 cid, 24 feet and up) J. T. BEAN [34’ Vinal Beal; 350 Mercruiser] and Class C (V-8, 376 to 525 cid, 24 to 29 feet) Randy Durkee’s BLACK DIAMOND [Holland 32, 454 Chevrolet]. In Class D (V-8, 376 and over, 28 feet and over) there were two entrants. Many were waiting to see Steve Johnson’s ELIZABETH [Repco 30; 1,100- hp Chevrolet]. Her competitor was Bruce Engert’s THUNDERBOLT [South Shore 30; 621 Chevrolet], but she failed to start. ELIZABETH was fi rst over the line, second went to BLACK DIAMOND, and in third J. T. BEAN. In the fi rst diesel race, Class A (Up to

235 hp, 24 to 31 feet) there was just one entrant Tony Bray’s INTUITION [Duff y 26, 230-hp Yanmar]. In Class B (Up to 235 hp, 32 feet and over) Donald Drisko’s MERGANSER [33’ Calvin Beal Jr.; 230- hp Yanmar] and Ed Glover’s GRACIE [33’ Calvin Beal, Jr.; 160-hp John Deere]. No one was surprised to see MERGANSER out in

front. There were no entrants in Class C (236 to 335 hp, 24 to 34 feet), two in Class D (236 to 335 hp, 34 feet and over) and one in Class E (336 to 435 hp, 24 to 33 feet) so Classes D and E were combined. Nick Wiberg’s MISS KATIE [Holland 31; 355 hp Cummins] in Class E easily won the race. The battle between the two boats in Class D, Matthew Taylor’s C-GIRL [Crowley 36, 250-hp John Deere] and Justin Papkee’s PULL N’PRAY [Repco 37; 300-hp Caterpillar], which was won by PULL N’PRAY. Three boats were on the line for the start of Class F (336 to 435 hp, 34 feet and over). No one was surprised to see Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE [Mitchell Cove 35; 410-hp Sisu] in the lead. In Class G (436 to 550 hp, 28 to 35 feet) it was all about Zach Donnell’s HAPPY HOUR [Mitchell Cove 35; 500-hp John Deere]. In Class H (436 to 550 hp, 36 feet and over) Nick Mar- tinez’ PRETTY WOMAN [Calvin Beal 36; 510-hp Caterpillar] got the win. Next up was Diesel Class I (551 to 700 hp, 28 to 35 feet) and Chris Smith’s MISTY [Crowley Beal 33; 650 hp Scania] lead the way to the fi nish. In Class J (551 to 700 hp, 36 feet and over)

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at was all Andrew Taylor’s BLUE EYED GIRL [Calvin Beal 36, 650-hp Scania]. In Class K (701 to 900 hp, 28 feet and over) we knew would be close between Jeff Eaton’s LA BELLA VITA [Northern Bay 38; 750-hp FPT] and Gary Genthner’s LISA MARIE [Libby 34; 690-hp FTP], which went to both as it was too close to call. Up next was Class L (901 hp and over, 28 feet and over) between Tom Clemon’s MOTIVATION [Northern Bay 36; 1,000-hp Caterpillar] and Cameron Crawford’s WILD WILD WEST [West 28; 1,050-hp Isotta]. When the fl ag dropped MOTIVATION jumped into the lead and took the win. The only entrant in Class M(A) (40 feet and over, up to 500 hp) was Eben Wilson’s ELISE A. [40’ John Bay Boat, 500-hp Volvo]. In Class M(B) (40 feet and over, 501 to 750-hp) there were three boats on the line and Eric Beal’s KIMBER- LY ANN [Calvin Beal 42; 750-hp FPT] took the win. Four boats were on the line for the fi nal diesel race, Class N, which was won by Murray Thompson's SUNDAY MONEY [Duff y 42; 800-hp Caterpillar]. Up next was the Fastest Friendship Lob-

ster Boat and the winner was ENDEAVOR. There was no surprise in the Gasoline

Free-for-All as ELIZABETH streaked up the course for an easy win. In the Diesel Free-for-All WILD WILD

WEST took fi rst with MOTIVATION sec- ond.

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