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Foreward Dear Readers,

Challenges to improve quality care is one of the most discussed and important issue in our industry. Technology and Analytics are the two key elements that always play an important role in many aspects of the healthcare delivery system, and to offer new and better ways to solve the key problems pertaining to manage healthcare of the new century.

With this in mind we introduce the latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management and the reading starts with an interesting advertorial on the benets of IT integration in the clinical laboratory by Mr. Gilbert Hakim, CEO of SCC Soft Computers who is considered to be a major force in the world of laboratory information systems.

The magazine now puts a limelight on the analytical process of creating value to the healthcare providers by featuring the next three articles on this subject.

The rst of the three is a viewpoint on how data-driven approach can transform those organizations which in spite of having the immense data wealth in is not able to utilise the information to fully benet the patients or themselves.

It is important that the power of analytics be married with the strategic decision making of a healthcare organization with this in mind our third article states the rise of new age healthcare analytics.

The article explains the need for an intelligent platform which focus on helping healthcare organizations commence this new age of medical services by leveraging big data and analytics.

Our fourth article which is also the last one on the subject if analytics explains how through optimization, predictive analytics and business intelligence, organizations can gain insights to strengthen nancial and budgetary performance, deepen consumer-centric relationships and improve the way health care is conceived.

Then comes an interview with a renowned name of the industry, Rebecca Lanasa who is the Managing Director of Southeast Asia operations for Cerner answering our question on technology innovation & approach towards quality care.

Nurses are on the frontlines delivering care and ensuring that a patient’s safety and best interest remain at the centre of care. explanation on technology is beneting the nurses of today makes our next article an interesting read.

We, at Hospital & Healthcare Management are committed to keep you in sync with the latest developments in the dynamic eld of Healthcare Management. And, with the increasing use of the new technologies and the adoption of innovations we look forward to a healthcare reform.

Until we meet again!!

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