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Parish Councils

structure of the building. He had quoted £215 for reinstating the gully which had been covered over in front of the outdoor play area and thiswas accepted. Kent Street The ragwort spraying had been undertaken and fencing had been installed on the eastern side. Recreation area The cricket clubwas to get the pitch area treated withweedkiller and their contractor would treat the whole field for about £200. The club would pay half of this. The clerk had requested that this include treatment of the pavilion garden and car park and the quotewas agreed. Village fete Itwas agreed that the parish council would wish to be involved in the distribution of the funds. Cllr Jenny Thorogood would aend the meeting. The Street Some of the white lines had been reinstated but not all of those requested. The clerk would find out when the remainder would be done. NeighbourhoodWatch Another vehicle had been set on fire in the Airfield Estate in the front drive of a house, but itwas seen and put out before too much damagewas done. Pavilion planters These had been left unkempt this season and had needed to be tidied prior to the fete. Itwas agreed that Cllr Thorogood would grow some marigold plants which would re-seed themselves each year. Ray Berwick would be asked to weed the planters andwater the plants.


Community grant County Cllr Sarah Hohler said she would consider making community grants to projects in the village. The Street Cllr Hohler would add the problems with the road surface to her list. Police report PCSO Ross McMillan reported on a series of burglaries where sheds and outbuildings had been broken into in Stansted and Fairseat. Anything suspicious should be reported on 101, or in the case of an emergency on 999. Financial arrangements The parish council received funding from Tonbridge and Malling Council (TMBC) from the Financial Arrangements with Parish Councils (FAPC) scheme and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. The final source of fundingwas through the precept, whichwas collected by TMBC and paid to parish councils. In 2016/17 Ryarsh Parish Council received £3,627 from the FAPC and £1,010 from the CTRS. The clerkwas asked to clarify whether the proposalwas to remove the FAPC. If thiswas the case the parish council would have to increase the precept perhaps by £9 or £10. Phone boxA competition had been held at the school to decide how to use the phone box. Members said how impressed they were with the entries. The winner had been notified and prizes would be handed out by Cllr David Storey at an assembly. Highways The breaking-up of the road in The Streetwas discussed.Awater leak outside the school had been repaired quickly. UK Power Networkswas cuing off electricity in the village for a day during the summer holidays. Footpaths The dog bin on footpath MR149 was not being emptied. The streetlight opposite The Old Vicarage on Roughes Road had vegetation growing around the light. The land belongs to the Birling Estate. The clerkwas to contact the owner.


Vigo Hill County Cllr Sarah Hohlerwas due to meet the KCC highways officer to discuss the progress with the traffic regulation order for Vigo Hill. Cllr Hohler also advised that the approaches to the Seven Mile Lane roundabout on the A20 had been reduced to a single lane in response to drivers who found the two lane approach confusing. School Cllr Hohler assured the parish council that despite a few children leaving Troiscliffe School recently the schoolwas buoyant and therewere no plans to close it. Parish Partnership panel The review of the funding arrangements for parish councils were discussed. The effect of the proposals on the precept were explained. Trosley Liaison GroupAutomatic number plate recognition had been introduced in the park and signs had been put up to show visitors how to pay. Therewere concerns about this causing issues with visitors parking in Vigo village. The open day had been well aended but therewere still concerns that the visitor centrewas not used enough. Communitywarden Mandy Cason had been trying to address the issue of dog fouling in the park. Defibrillator The clerk had contacted a community responder in Addington to see if they would be willing to hold an awareness session on how to use a defibrillator. The contact at SECamb had asked the local volunteer coordinators whether someone would be prepared to run an awareness session. This would now be held at the end of September. Traffic speedA resident expressed concern that the speed on the stretch of the road from the top of Vigo Hill to the 20mph zone in the villagewas unlimited and he wouldwelcome a proposal to reduce the speed limit to 30mph. Traffic survey KCC had now produced the plans showing the best sites for speed signs and repeaters.A traffic regulation order was needed, which would mean consultation with the police and others. Village sign The sign formerly located at the duck pond had been refurbished and moved to the green opposite the George. The clerk would ensure the signwas on the insurance schedule.A bench would be placed at the duck pond. Christmas tree The clerkwas to meet an engineer from UK Power Network to seek advice on a safe power supply for the Christmas tree. Water pipeline South EastWater had advised that the £655,000 scheme to update the 200m of pipeline in Ford Lane had been delayed. Reported faults The giveway sign in Church Lane needed aention. Therewere potholes in Ford Lane.A tree was blocking the footpath between Green Lane and PilgrimsWay and anotherwas blocking the path behind the sheds near the church. Playground Fencing repairs had been completed and the bench had been levelled. The contractor had been cuing the grass on the recreation ground fortnightly. The grasswas said to be too long despite this and the clerkwas asked to request an additional cut free of charge. Allotment boundaries The clerkwas waiting to hear when the contractor could install the chestnut fencing on the boundary with Darren’s Meadow. All the allotment rentals for the calendar year had

been collected. The clerk had received a signed contract and £60 rentals from Mr Murray, which would allow him to keep sheep on the land behind the allotments for the calendar year. Phone box The BT phone box in Taylor’s Lane needed cleaning and overgrown vegetation was blocking the door. Parking Visitors to the George Inn seemed to be parking on the pavement in Taylor’s Lane, particularly at theweekends.


Election Cllr MichaelWellswas elected as vice-chairman. Crime report Therewere four reports of antisocial behaviour and other incidents of note and 21 other calls. Councillors agreed that a more comprehensive report proved useful but it would be helpful to know where incidents, particularly road traffic collisions, had taken place. Community Payback Investigations had been made into this scheme which can provide supervised labour for projects such as landscaping and rubbish collecting to parish councils. Ideas would be welcome from residents on areas of the community that would benefit. Accounts The audited accounts of the councilwere approved. Orchards Itwas agreed to grant £125 to Wateringbury Pear Orchards to cover the cost ofweedkiller and its application. The request for funding for the next four years would be added to the agenda for the budget meeting in October. Cllr Dennis Stones offered to provide more information about the orchards project. Councillors would be taken on a tour of the land to see the hard work that had been done. Pillbox One of the new owners of the property where the WorldWar II pillbox is situatedwas present at the meeting. She confirmed her willingness to maintain the pillbox as an asset on behalf of the village with a view to perhaps applying for listed status in the future. FeteWateringbury Sports and Recreational Association reported that the village fete had been an enjoyable afternoon for the village. All involvedwere thanked for their support. Village hall Bookingswere being lost due to parking issues. Tonbridge and Malling Council would be puing up a sign to ask users to park within marked spaces. The possibility of reinstating the barrier to the car park was discussed, but previous experience showed that any damage caused to it proved to be costly to repair. Air quality An environmental air pollution quality groupwas being set up by the Tonbridge and Malling area commiee of Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC) and itwas hoped that nominated local councillors would be members. Public discussion Itwas suggested that the fruit from the apple trees at the Wateringbury Pear Orchards could be sold to local farm shops. Cllr Stones advised that the trees had not been sprayed and the fruit would not be of particularly good quality. The group did not have the resources to handle the picking and marketing of the fruit. Highways The blocked drain near Pelican Court/Tonbridge Road would be reported.

Malling August 2016 41

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