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Pedestrian crossing Cllr Peter Homewood said he hoped that work would start on the crossing in Bull Lane inAugust. Milestone Work on the milestone on Blue Bell Hill had been completed. Old Bridge The contractor had suggested upgrading lights at both ends of the bridge to LED, which could be adjusted to the required strength and installation. The clerk had confirmed the hire costswere appropriate for the work and the orderwas placed. Village square KCCwas to proceed with the safety audit. When thiswas complete the clerk would organised a consultation period for High Street residents. New street furniture would be bought to match Heritage lamp posts. Permanent fiings for the Christmas tree and a noticeboard would be considered, as would replacement benches on the south side of the High Street. KCC agreed the purchase of benches and tables from Gallaghers and agreed in principle to using Gallaghers to install the whole project. The clerk would discuss this with Gallaghers. A20 congestion The clerk reported on the meeting with other parishes, Tonbridge and Malling Council and KCC regarding the Amey report on the A20 between Larkfield andAylesford. The report identified problems at the junctions with Hermitage Lane and Quarry Wood, but no specific solutionswere included. Hall Road M20 bridge Concerns about liering and the condition of the fencing had been followed up.AHighways England inspector had promised to inspect it but no further information had been received. ElmWalk Thiswas closed for fourweeks for the installation of a drinkingwater main. Towpaths Commencement of work on the River Medway towpath betweenAylesford and Allingtonwas awaited.An application had been made by the landowner to divert part of the public footpath MR474 at Aylesford whichwas partially obstructed by housing in the Mill Hall area on the Friars View housing area. Therewas no objection. Local history signs The clerk would look at this after the village square project. Sport sitesAn order had been placed with Landscape Services for increased grass maintenance as agreed at the last meeting. Play equipmentAbucket-style seat for disabled children had been installed at Forstal Road recreation ground. Allotments Shed security and tool marking eventswere to be organised at both sites by the PCSOs, with the parish council supplying the paint at a cost of £25. Improved fencing to deter rabbitswas to be investigated following a visit by a pest control expert. Churchyard There had been concerns regarding the lack of maintenance at the ashes interment area of the churchyard. The clerk had discussed it with the church who had made other arrangements but the clerk had offered help if required. Podkin MeadowAquotewas awaited from the grass maintenance contractor to clear brambles and revert more of the site back to a normal meadow. Brambles would be retained behind properties, together with small trees growing within them, as far as was practical. Dew pond areaswere to be assessed. Dog fouling problemswere reported and signagewas to be increased.

40 Malling August 2016 Birling

Members’ grant County Cllr Sarah Hohler said she still has some of her Members’ fund available and asked if the parish council wanted its road signs cleaned. Shewas advised that although signs needed cleaning, itwas more important to remove overgrown vegetation whichwas covering the signs. Cllr HelenWalker asked if there would be enough money to fund a traffic survey. However, itwas thought that even if it showed increased traffic, no action would be taken as therewas no record of injuries or death. Cllr Hohler said shewas prepared to look into funds and consider a survey at a later date, possibly in March next year. The parish councilwas prepared to contribute to the cost. Traffic Residentswere concerned about volume and speed of traffic. Therewere fears that new houses being built in Ryarsh and the cold store development at Ryarsh Stables would only make maers worse. The parish council had wrien toMPTom Tugendhat on the subject. Various actions, including the possibility of geing a police presence in the village, a traffic survey and traffic calming measures,were discussed. Church clock Maintenance had been carried out.

Clerk’s salary Itwas agreed that this be raised in line with the new salary scales, backdated to April 1. Internal audit The audit report had been circulated and therewere no adverse comments. Itwas now a legal requirement to back up all invoices and remiances received. The clerk had scanned all received in the current financial year and would continue to do so. Hedge Cllr JacquelineWestwoodwas to speak to the owners of a hedge in Birling Road thatwas encroaching on the footpath.

East Peckham

Correspondence from residentsAresident had asked for parish council assistance in asking Circle Housing Association to aend to damage caused to his garden. The housing association had confirmed that it was dealing with this.Aresident had tripped on uneven brickwork in the village centre and this had been referred to Tonbridge and Malling Council property services.Aresident had enquired about lier cleaning initiatives andwas referred to the borough council.Aresident had asked for a speed limit reduction on the A26 and was referred to Kent Highway Services. Complaints had been received about churchyard maintenance, which seemed due to the unseasonalwetweather and not lack of aention by the contractors. The situation would be monitored. Jubilee Hall and playing fields TheWC hand driers had been installed.Aquotewas being prepared for the refurbishment of the kitchen. Minster Cleaning Services had been engaged to carry out the annual steam clean of the premises. Tonbridge and Malling Council had fied a liner to one of the bins on the playing fields whichwas now being regularly emptied by the groundsman. Fingerposts Heritage Finger Sign Posts had advised that the remaining posts would soon be ready for installation. NeighbourhoodWatch Four residents had registered an interest in a scheme. The communitywarden would be asked to co-

ordinate a scheme and contact those who had expressed interest. War memorialArevised scheme of works was approved, including steam-cleaning, the installation of a stainless steel chain to secure wreaths, a honed granitewedge in front and stone posts and chains each side of the memorial, aswell as having the area cleared with a view to gravel it after installation of the plaque. The cost would be £5,615, excluding VAT, and grounds work. Photographs would be taken before and after the works and a wrien report provided to theWar Memorial Archive, ImperialWar Museum.Independent Memorial Inspections would be asked to renovate and relocate the milestone on the bypass, using some of the unspent money that had been earmarked for the memorial renovation. Garden competition First prizewent to 31 Westwood Road (£50), secondwas 86 Pound Road (£25) and thirdwas 164 Bush Road (£15). Runners upwere 136 Hale Road and 1 The Old Dairy, Pound Road (£5 each). Cllr Pagewas thanked for organising the competition. Itwas resolved that the competition would run again in 2017 and to acquire a new trophy, costing up to £50. Christmas lights The maximum amount available for Christmas lightingwas £6,000. Itwas hoped that £2,000 could be obtained from businesses, resulting in a lighting scheme costing no more than £8,000.

Kings Hill

Co-option Cllrs Faulkner and McCrindle were co-opted onto the parish council. Resignation The parish council had received Cllr Sue Woodcock’s resignation. Shewas thanked for her significant contribution to the parish council and its work. Planning Itwas resolved to hold a dual public consultation, in the form of a drop-in event, to liaise with residents regarding the local plan and the neighbourhood plan. Neighbourhood plan Itwas resolved to further investigate the first steps towards creating a neighbourhood plan. Televisions Two new televisions would be purchased to be sites at the community centre and Kings Hill Sports Park for the television advertising project. Sponsorship Itwas resolved to accept sponsorship for the production of banners and posters in relation to the speeding campaign.


ArsonAresident referred to recent arson aacks on vehicles in Burchers Lane/Leech Road. He reported there had been poor response from the police and no interest in pursuing the maer. Chairman Jon Regan would write to the police commissioner and Tom TugendhatMP on this maer. PCSO Kim Hockey reported that the police had looked into installing CCTV but a power source would be required nearby and itwas difficult to know where best to site the cameras. She would report the concerns back to her managers. Car park Ray Berwick had visited the car park during heavy rain and had ascertained that the gueringwas not causing the flooding to the play area. However, the soakawaywas not sufficient to drain away rainwater, though itwas not affecting the

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