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Town Talk

Local news for Snodland and Halling

Community hall to be replaced

Parents are cheered on in the sack race at St Katherine’s school fair Fair back after 20-year break

ST Katherine's Primary School, Snodland has held its first summer fair in more than two decades. Spread over almost the entire school field, the event had a fun fair,

pony rides, stalls and club demonstrations, a tuck shop and many other attractions. Mark Fletcher, co-chairman of the parents' association which or- ganised the fair, said: "It was manic arranging and setting it all up but we are so pleased with all the positive feedback we have received. “We are very lucky to have such a pro-active parents' association

with a core of about 10 incredibly hard-working people. "The school staff were also magnificent, with Gerald Cadwallader

and his team really throwing their weight behind us. The only down- side was the quite incredible storm we saw at 2pm, but this didn't take the edge off the event's success." Acting head teacher Gerald Cadwallader said: "This was our first summer fair for over 25 years and it was a huge success. Everyone had a great time, even if the light showers forecast were a bit heavier than I thought!" The fair raised £1,600 which will go towards extra equipment for the children, with a good quality PA system being top of the list.

Advertisement feature

Gentleman, ever had your hair cut at a barber shop that has a bar billiards table, a working red telephone box, a national cash register, wooden cinema seats and a wall covered with pages of a 1950s Tommy Lawton football annual? No? Well you need to visit Alexanders The Barbershop in Snodland!

Located at 16 High Street, we are an old- fashioned barbers, with a nostalgic feel about it. We've been open for seven months but have gained a reputation as a place for retired gentlemen to get their hair cut and have a good old chat.

As you walk in you will be greeted by one of the friendly staff and made to feel very welcome. If you are 65 years young or older, a haircut at Alexanders is £6, (or 120 Shillings in old money).

Some barber shops are known for cutting hair too short, perhaps only using clippers or wanting to get you in and out as quickly as possible so that they can get onto the next customer. But that's

not the way at Alexanders! However you want your haircut whether its clippers or a scissor cut all over, or a 'Boston' or a 'D.A', you will get the haircut you want, and get good customer service. You won't need an appointment either, it is a traditional walk-in service, so just pop in whenever is convenient. If there happens to be a queue, you can always read one of the Snodland history books written by Andrew Ashbee, have a game of bar billiards, or read the 1950s football wallpaper, and reminisce about what football used to be like when players were on £20 a week, and had big heavy football boots with leather studs nailed into the bottom.

50% OFF for OAP’s

Cut out and bring this voucher with you next time you need a haircut, and try Alexanders The Barbershop. A good old fashioned barbers.


16 High Street, Snodland

9:30 - 6:00 8:30 - 5:00 CLOSED

01634 242588

THE community hall at Christ Church, Malling Road, Snodland – affectionately known as the tin hut – is to be replaced with a pre- fabricated building on the same site.

The Christ Church Community

Hall Project Team has announced that the subsidence on the south side of the hall is monitored regu- larly by surveyors, whose permis- sion is required for its continued use.

They are content to allow its use

in normal conditions at present. However, it must not be used in high winds or heavy snowfall. Hall users were asked for their comments. Jonathan Overell, of the project

team, said: "Repairs to the present structure are not economically vi- able and would not address other issues ... such as poor kitchen and toilet facilities, heating in win- ter, storage provision and dis- abled access. "After obtaining quotes for a re- placement building we have looked at how we can keep costs

as low as possible. For some of the work we will employ local businesses who have kindly of- fered their services at reduced rates. "We will also undertake some aspects, such as decoration, as community activities. The total cost is estimated at £150,000." Fund-raising has seen £10,900

raised so far, with pledges of £17,700. The majority of money will come from grant-giving bod- ies to whom the project team will shortly be applying. Jonathan asked users to organ-

ise fund-raising events, as raising money locally will make it easier to obtain grants. He added: "Raising money our-

selves will show that we are seri- ous about our desire to provide a home for the church and commu- nity activities which take place in our hall and the new initiatives that will be possible in amoremodern, better-appointed building." Call Jonathan on 01634 244872 or email A good old fashioned barber’s shop

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