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golden tan can wipe years off your complexion & trim inches from your waistline & as we all know, there’s

no such thing as a real healthy tan, it’s called Sun Damage! So reaching for a false tan is the safest

option to get the same effect while protecting your largest organ, skin! With so many to choose from these days, I figure that a good place to start is by categorising self tans.

So with that in mind, this pretty much sums it up; most tans take 6-8 hours to develop, Gradual ones build up throughout the day by deepening in colour (Ideal for first time tanners), Instant tans are non-committal & wash off when we shower (The tanning world’s answer to body makeup), and then the latest tans on the market are Express tans – with a development time of 1-3 hours.

A lotion or tanning oil is the most hydrating, a mousse is the quickest drying & I personally find the easiest to apply, and sprays are the closest thing you’ll get to a professional airbrushed spray tan. I always stress to my

clients that preparation is absolute key when it comes to achieving the best results in a false tan application, no matter what product you use, if you prep properly, there’s no reason that

the outcome shouldn’t be perfect!

SCULPTING & HIGHLIGHTING – THE NEXT LEVEL OF TANNING If you’re feeling really brave, add additional tan to the areas that you want to shade, such as underneath the collarbones, underneath the bicep indent, the outer torso & in between the thighs. If you’re pushed for time, do this with a bronzer or an instant tan. Then highlight your tan with an illuminator, applying lashings to your shoulders, collarbones, cheekbones, and the front of your legs to create sheen and definition.

Natural Beauty are stockists of Vita Liberata which is best known as a certified organic tan that is fragrance, chemical & paraben free! Full body spray tans are just €25.

SOME OF MY FAVOURITES (in no particular order)

Vita Liberata Mouse €24.00

Lancôme Flash Bronzer €29.50


Liberate Body Blur €37.50

THE ESSENTIALS TO KEEP IN MIND… • Shave or wax the day before you apply

• Use a decent exfoliant to remove dead skin cells so the tan lasts longer on fresh skin & creates an even surface layer to avoid patchiness.

• Stand between two mirrors whilst applying so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

• Use a tanning mitt or wear a latex glove

for applying, the palms of our hands don’t tan naturally so let’s not go there!

• Be mindful of your face, knees, elbows, hands, feet & back of the ankles. These are the areas where self tan mistakes show up most obviously! So avoid the giveaways & use a minimal amount on these areas.

• Once you’ve applied, keep your skin hydrated by moisturising loads.

Victoria Walshe (left), owner of Natural Beauty, 28 Spring Garden Alley, Waterford. Natural Beauty is open

Tuesday to Saturday til 6pm and late Thursday and Fridays til 8pm. Call 051-879874 for appointments or check out facebook on

St. Tropez Mousse €42.99


Sunshimmer €7.99

Dove Summer Glow €4.99

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs €12.99

Tan Organic Tanning Oil €24.99

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