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Peter Hogans Goal (And Stephen Bennetts assist!) H

ave you noticed people wandering around Waterford City recently, particularly around Ballybricken green, looking as if they are frantically searching for something they have lost while scanning their mobile phones? Well if so then you have experienced Pokemon Go, a new online game which has basically taken over the world. The virtual treasure hunt sees people search for Pokemon in real time and space in order to receive points. There have been reports of players being shot (like for real) after being mistaken for burglars while searching for Pokemon on other peoples property. It is a fad, it will pass, but until it does be nice if someone approaches you and asks you if there is a Bulbasaur sitting on your lap!


You may have heard that the Waterford U-21 Hurlers only went and won a Munster Final recently for the first time in 22 years. It was quite a game and it produced what some people are calling the goal of the decade. It was deep in the second half and Tipperary had outscored the Deise by 6 points to 1 and had brought the game level before Waterford started to slip away. Then the ball came down the field, a massive pass from Austin Gleeson fell to Stephen Bennett who had his back to goal. He deftly flicked it over his head into the path of Peter Hogan who was one on one with the keeper. Defenders swamped him but he kept his cool and fired it into the back of the net. If this description does not do it justice then do yourself a favour and google it. Pure class!


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equels are a tricky thing. Done right (Toy Story, Godfather,) they can tap into our love of the original and make us fall in love all

over again. Done badly (Anchorman, Cars) they can leave a lingering bitter taste in our mouths. Finding Nemo was a classic Disney story released in 2003, during the heyday of Pixar with the voices of Ellen De Generes, Albert Brooks and a host of other famous names. Now De Generes and Brooks return as Dory and Marlin and this time the story follows Dory, the amnesiac Blue Tang, as she tries to find her parents. Initial reports say this is as crackingly good as the original. BTW the actor who voiced Nemo in the original, Alexander Gould, is now aged 22 so they had to recast Nemo in the sequel however Gould does have a cameo role as “Passenger Carl”.

It may seem like this has been coming for a lifetime but the finishing touches are finally being made to the 45km Deise Greenway and very soon the entire track will be open to the public. One of the last pieces, the pedestrian bridge on the N25 at Kilmacthomas, was erected recently and looks


impressive. The Greenway has been the culmination of hard work and determination from a core group of people and it will be a wonderful amenity when it is completed and finally fully opened to the public which is expected to be at the end of this month or early September.


It was announced recently that planning permission has been granted for a 395-acre Center Parcs holiday village near Ballymahon in Co. Longford. Costing €230 million, the project is expected to create up to 1,000 permanent jobs when it opens in 2019, with a further 750 jobs during construction. The resort will include 470 holiday lodges, 30 apartments, treehouses, a spa, restaurants and a sub-tropical pool area with water

slides. These resorts have been hugely popular in the UK, including one in Sherwood Forrest and this Longford Forrest resort will be Mosney for the 21st century!

Hilary Clinton

Love her or hate her (lets be honest there is no in between) you have

to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton has

made history within the last few weeks when she secured the Democratic Party’s White House Nomination for the presidency of the U.S. She is not the first woman to run for the presidency, far from it, but she is the first woman to head the ticket of a major party in U.S. history. She made the most of this fact and stated in her speech to the Convention that in electing her they had put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling. “If there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch” she said “let me just say: I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next,” Stirring stuff.


Deise Greenway

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