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Important information Understanding your rent statement

Rent statements are produced quarterly. For each week there is only 1 line, so if 2 or more payments are received in 1 week, they will be added together.

Your rent statement will show the following: • Account ref – this must be quoted when making payments so the correct account is credited.

• Your name and address, or the forwarding address, if you have one.

• Dates covered in the statement. • Address of the tenancy. • Your balance at the date of printing and if you are in credit or arrears. Nobody should be in arrears unless it is due to Housing Benefit paying in arrears.

About the statement columns:

• Charges - this includes rent and all other applicable service charges such as greenspace, community support or Lifeline.

• HB - Housing Benefit which is paid every four weeks in arrears. • Payments - payments made by a customer, no matter the method. • Adjustments - this is where we may have adjusted your account for a charge. • Balance - this is the balance for the account at the end of that week (a minus means credit). • Credit/Arrears - credit means you are paying in advance, arrears mean you are behind.

New Direct Debit system

In December 2015 we changed our Direct Debit system. The new system allows you to have a more personalised rent payment schedule if you pay by Direct Debit, including having 4 rent free weeks in a year.

We have identified some issues with how the new system processed your year-end statements which created some confusion. We are therefore, working through and resolving the issues around net rent calculation, the way Housing Benefit payments are updated and how rent payment schedules are calculated and put on our system.

We would like to reassure you that if we discover your account is affected, we will be in contact. However, please check your schedules carefully and let us know if something does not seem correct. Year-end processing is very time consuming and over the summer we will be reviewing the current direct debit payment dates to try and streamline our processes.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with our Customer Contact Centre on 0300 365 5000.


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