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Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2016

What’s the word on the ‘Street’

September 2016. Te theme for this Year’s Awards ceremony is ‘Street’. STAC Architecture, Simple Simon, Moreno


Masey and Conran & Partners will each create one of four bars inspired from street art, music and dance from four different eras (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s). JMDA will then create a Taikhun restaurant space inspired from those four bars.

STAC Architecture (1970’s) #Gopunkyourself / Flight Club Simple Simon (1980’s) #Cultureclash / Te Sun & 13 Cantons Moreno Masey (1990’s) #Streetbritannia / Craft London Conran & Partners (2000’s) #AllEyesOnMe / Iberica JMDA #Taikhunstreet / Taikhun

Dancers on the night will be the dynamic

force that reveal these amazing spaces, with music collaboration by Island Records and build partners include Benchmark Fabrications, Elegant Clutter, Nicholas Alexander, DRC and Harper Signs and Humble Arnold Associates.

ocated in the hub of London’s urban culture, the eighth annual Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ceremony will be held at the Old Truman Brewery on the 29th

Te Awards ceremony will be attended by

800 of the UK and world’s best designers, and their clients responsible for the design of the most innovative food and beverage spaces.

‘Street’ talk from the four designers

STAC Architecture 1970’s / #Gopunkyourself “Street, it belongs to me, to you, to all and to none... it connects us, enabling us to interact, discover, fall in love and simply be…” Paul Trush (STAC Architecture, Founder)

Simple Simon 1980’s / #Cultureclash “Street, to me is a place where everyone can belong. A place with no boundaries. A place to see and be seen or to hide in full view. A place where cultures collide and new ideas are born.” Ben Rolls (Simple Simon, Co-Founder)

Moreno Masey 1990’s / #Streetbritannia “Te 90s gave us Brit Pop, a sound that sought to explore “real” music and the everyday. Artists in film and sculpture, with an irreverent disregard for the synthetic culture of decades previous, worked to present and represent the mundane as high art - a life less ordinary.

Trough image, form and surface, popular iconography in music and film is interpreted in abstraction, showing us a familiar past out of context, re-assembled as a simple volume, carved and reliefed to frame and immortalise. ‘Street’, non-place, non-space, a tunnel from here to there. Democratic, ever shifting, a backdrop to the everyday. Time layered into space. Surface, texture, art and message collide to soak the senses. Look up and let it surround you, the journey is short.” Rodrigo Moreno Masey (Moreno Masey, Founder)

Conran & Partners 2000’s / #AllEyesOnMe “Street to me is more of an attitude, a frame of mind that is fresh, independent and irreverent. All new ideas start on the streets - fashion, design, arts - away from economic considerations and constraints. It offers endless inspiration and there needs to be a bit of street in every creative thought!” Tina Norden (Conran & Partners, Project Director)

JMDA #Taikhunstreet “A street is both a magnification of lifestyles and a microcosm of culture. It is a place of commercial exuberance and an opportunity for creativity to flourish.” Jonathon Morgan (JMDA, Founder)

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