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professionals, and Council Members mak- ing sure we maintained our staffing levels. He formed the Los Angeles Paramedic Association because of the concept of 1+1 staffing. With his political connections, he was able to get that staffing model set aside.

When my father died in 2001, Bob Dear Bob:

The enclosed donation is in memo- ry of our son Sean Patrick Stilson, a third generation LA City firefighter. The entire Stilson family will be ever thankful for your guidance during this sad time. The fire family came through in so many ways and is continuing in support roles. Chap- lains George Negrete and Rick Godinez were instrumental in seeing that family members received necessary counseling and follow-up care. We feel truly blessed to be part of the LAFRA.


Judy and Mike Stilson Cambria, CA

Dear LA Firemen’s Relief Assn, Please accept this donation to the

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund in memory of Sean P. Stilson. Although I never worked with Sean, I did work with his father John (Mike) at Old 17’s during the mid-70’s and with his grandfather John E. at Old 4’s when I left 17’s.

I still remember the stories Mike

would tell about his twin’s competitive- ness and how they tested their parent’s patience on more than one occasion. The one that stuck in my mind after all those years resulted in them causing damage to both their parent’s cars during one “coast- ing lesson” in their driveway.

As a parent of two boys, I can-

not begin to imagine the grief of losing a child, no matter the age.

From what I heard at the funeral,

Sean was determined from an early age to join the Fire Service, and it was apparent

LAFRA - Sincerely, Captain Bob Linnell was truly dedi-

cated to his profession. He spent many off- duty days collaborating with other medical

Denny & Sue Coville Arroyo Grande, CA

August 2016 • 45

that he stuck to his goal, with a number of steps in between the LAFD Explorer pro- gram starting in 1986 and finally earning his LAFD firefighter badge in 1995, with promotions to A/O, Captain I and finally to Captain II in 2014.

Richard L. Watters, LAFD retired Agoura Hills, CA

LAFRA - Capt. [Gerald A.] Jones was my

TFC at T-22-A in 1968. It was my second rookie house and the busiest truck com- pany in the city at that time. Deep impres- sions are made in our early years on the job and Capt. Jones exemplified courage and determination. That summer of 1968 marked a riot

in south LA that never made it into the me- dia. It lasted a full weekend as we formed into heavy task forces of five engines, one truck, a squad and B/C. No one left an incident until all were accounted for and ready to go to the next fire. As I stood on a roof top at one fire, axe in hand, I looked around and counted five other structure fires nearby. For dinner, FF John Paulsen searched all the mess lockers and created “Task Force Stew” for over 30 hungry eat- ers.

Capt. Jones will always be a fond memory of my early days on the LAFD!

Jim Kinninger Wellington, NV

was at the hospital ready to help my fam- ily in any way. My mother was always im- pressed with his caring and quiet nature. God Bless you Bob. You will be missed by many, but never forgotten

Kevin Nida El Cajon, CA

LA Firemen’s Relief Association,

Please accept this donation in mem- ory of my husband John E Kemper and my son Lane Kemper. Thank you for all you do to help firemen and their families.

Beryl Kemper Deer Park, WA

LAFRA - I had the good fortune to work with

Howard [McManigill] twice, first time when I was at 20’a as a firefighter, then again at 89’a as A/O. Howard was always there for you to learn from, to give you encouragement, and just be an all-around nice guy.

Jim Littlefield Wrightwood, CA

Dear Relief Association: Please accept our check for the

Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund in memory of Tom Laski, Penny Peck and Dick Nunnally. Three incredible people we enjoyed and will miss.

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