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receive the attention, admiration and respect that they deserve. So I don’t think we can give up the fight and I do believe it will rage on for a while. My biggest fear is that the BLM or some government agency will drop the axe on the captive wild horses. The ones that are costing tax payers millions yearly to support in long and short term holding. If the funding is ever taken away from them where will those 50,000 horses go?

tCm: Why is the BLM so anti-wild horse? JS: The BLM was never meant to be a wild horse management agency. They were always, and still are, a resource for cattle ranchers and other special interest groups like mining. They got stuck with managing wild horses. It wasn’t what they ever wanted to do and it shows by how they go about it. The BLM, as a whole, would love to see those horses gone so they can get back to exploiting our public lands for ranchers and frackers.

tCm: "Follow the Money" is an expression one often hears where ever corruption exists. Is it the same case with the wild horse round ups and long-term penning? Who is benefitting? JS: I don’t know who is benefitting from the round ups other than the contractors who make millions off of supplying their helicopters and crews to run the horses into catch pens. I know who is NOT benefitting and that would be the horses themselves and the American public who are paying for the horses to be captured and stockpiled even against their pro- tests and petitions.

tCm: What is your personal life philosophy? JS: Well, that’s a deep subject and one I could ramble on for hours. Simply, I believe that every living thing is connected spiritually and we all have God, The Universe, The Higher Power, whatever anyone calls it, in us. We have the ability to manifest our dreams if they are for the good of something other than self. We all have a purpose that is meant to care for our planet and each other. The trick is identifying that purpose and giving it all you’ve got. I have a personal guru. Well, she’s not really a guru but she’s someone who is so wise and guides me when I question or doubt myself. Some of her words resonate with me al- most daily like “stay on your path and it will lead you exactly where you are meant to go” and “principles over personality” meaning put egos aside and do the truest right thing based on principles. There’s one thing that I am learning to do and that is to forgive myself for mistakes and regrets that do not serve me by hanging on to them.

tCm: Tell us a typical day in the life of Jill Starr? JS: Funny but I don’t think I have a typical day. I do have a routine that starts off with cof- fee, computer, feed dogs, feed horses, clean corrals, back to computer and, probably, tele- phone, alon with tackling my "to do" list. Then, somewhere in there, I carve out some time to run errands at least once weekly. Some days are heavy with communication, some are heavy with social media, some are animal days. Just depends on what’s going on. The trick is to be expect the unexpected and deal with it.

tCm: If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? JS: That’s an easy one. I would make all three wishes the same so it would be 3X more powerful. I would wish an end to all animal abuse, suffering, and inhumane treatment across the globe and, reaching out to the future, it would also be enforced any place that we

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