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Discover The Moorings on the quayside


here are certain places in this world, and a rare few at that, that embody everything that is ancient

and true and good and nourishing. Such places are founded on solid rock and have passed through generations of hands, but have never lost their soul or their beat- ing heart. The Moorings, in Dungarvan, flanked by King John’s Castle (the An- glo-Norman fortification, founded in 1185) is one such place. The three storeys of this beautifully

preserved bar and restaurant come into view as one crosses the town’s Causeway, towards Devonshire Bridge. It sits, in all its beauty, on Dungarvan’s quayside, at the mouth of the Colligan river. To walk through the old split-panelled

doors of the Moorings is to enter another world – onto the uneven, smoothness of the polished concrete floor, the lacquered beauty of a bar, brimful with international spirits and beers - at their forefront the

town’s own craft beers and cider, local award- winning gins and whiskey liqueur. There is an integrity in the exposed

brickwork of The Moorings Bar that carries through to the welcome and ethos of the whole establishment. In the air there is a laid-back atmosphere created, one quickly ascertains, by an unequalled care and attention from The Moorings’ long- time proprietor, Marie Quinn. Here you’ll find a nationally respected and awarded

The Moorings

Davitt’s Quay • Dungarvan • Co. Waterford • P: 00 353 (0)58 41461 • F:00 353 ( 0)58 43796

• E.

provenance in local food and award-win- ning dishes, coupled with an excellence in service. Whether it’s the dim-lit nooks, the

breath-taking views from the internal snug, from the first floor dining-room or from the guest bedrooms, the salvaged brass portholes in the interior boat bough, or the shiplap safety of the ceilings and walls inside, there is a sense of home about the Moorings. There is also a sense of all things an-

cient and maritime, a sense that you might have been here before, and that somehow you hold a mystical stake in the depth of this place. But it’s not just the unique fibre of

the building’s exterior and interior, that makes The Moorings stand alone. There is a seamless and effortless journey from the old to the modern, at play here too. Want to know today’s fresh fish dish? Simply look at Twitter or Facebook and you’ll get your instant answer. Want to see, with your own eyes, an

enclosed beer garden inspired by the most modern gardens of continental Europe and beyond? You will find one in the Moorings – in the new Garden Room - an outside venue that can be accessed from the cobblestones of the quayside, its dramatic backdrop, the majestic curved wall of King John’s Castle. If you’re in its vicinity, a trip to The Moorings, Dungarvan is simply a must!

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