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was a time when to have a smartphone meant

having an Apple phone. But a number of years ago other big android names soon came into the market like Samsung, Huawei, Sony and

Irish Soccer Fans

The Ireland soccer team came home from the Euros 16 to a heroes welcome after beating Italy and making it into the final 16 of the competition before a good performance against France wasn’t good enough. But the fans who travelled over to watch them deserve a heroes welcome when they finally make it back home also because they did the country such a service with their wit, craic and singing. There are some magic videos online of Irish fans being downright sound, like tidying up after themselves outside an Irish pub in Lille, having a singalong with French police and even serenading a nun and a sleeping baby on a train. They have done much to bolster our reputation abroad and gave us all a few laughs along the way. Take a bow lads.


LG. However you can now buy other makes of phones which have exactly the same specs and half the price tag. For example the OnePlus range which you can buy directly

from their website, Asus, Blu, and Nexus, all perfectly good phones, many of them for under €200. There is also talk of a new phone that is due for release soon that will set you back just £3!! The Freedom 251 handset, which has been dubbed the world’s cheapest smartphone, is finally set to begin shipping later this month. Developed by Ringing Bells, a tech start-up firm based in New Delhi in India, the 3G phone comes with a four-inch screen, an 8MP rear camera and 3.2MP front-facing camera. Now you can’t get much cheaper than that!!


My Waterford keeps us up-to-date with What’s Trending this month...


Well it is certainly trending but for all the wrong reasons. And no we are not talking about England getting dumped out of the Euros by Iceland but rather the shock result of the referendum when the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. What everyone is wondering now is, what impact will this have on us? Many think we should follow Britain and leave ourselves, others believe we need to hang tight but that our voice in Europe will be diminished without our closest ally. Nobody really knows what is going to happen and it’s a case of suck it and see. If we do hold a referendum to leave the EU here will it be called Irexit?? Maybe not.

This well known pub in Galway has been in the news recently after a sign erected by staff members went viral on Twitter. The sign simply said “No shifting at the bar please – sound (smiley face)”! The post has since caused all sorts of stirrings in people, mostly from those who agree that it is simply not acceptable to be standing at a bar waiting to get served and your path is blocked by a couple “shifting”. No lads, take it elsewhere please. Well played Roisin Dubh.


his very high fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrate diet has been around since the 1920’s when it was used to treat epilepsy

in children, however it has now taken off as a healthy lifestyle choice and also for weight loss. The combination of foods means that fat is converted in the liver into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The diet is very restrictive and each food is weighed with a maximum of 20g of carbohydrates permitted each day. As a result

foods such as breads, cereals, pasta, rice and potatoes are essentially eliminated from the diet, as well as yoghurts and milk due to their carbohydrate content. So if you can live without all of the above then this is the diet for you!

Shane Richie Shane Richie is a legend!

The Eastenders actor has been encamped in Waterford for the last 6 weeks while filming the new TV series

Redwater. The thing about him is that he seems like a totally down to earth nice guy.

Twitter is full of pics of him smiling and amiably posing with whoever approaches him like the guys from Latch On, an adult literacy programme for those with Down Syndrome who visited the Redwater set. His own twitter feed is full of gorgeous images of early morning Dunmore East and he seems to be really loving the place, he even got to enjoy Damien Dempsey and local band Propellor Palms at the recent food festival. You can come visit us any time Shane.


Roisin Dubh - Galway

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