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Shorts don’t cut it on PGA Tour By HOWARD WARD

Ok, Bets, I’m going to make this short

and sweet. I am totally opposed to the PGA Tour allowing players to wear shorts. There was a lot of talk earlier this year

on the subject and I’m sure we’ll hear more on it sooner than later. As long it’s just talk, I’m OK with it. But I’m never going to agree with the move. I’ve been involved in playing and

reporting on Carolinas PGA events for a heckuva lot longer than I like to admit. And I never had to guess which guy in the group was the professional. It was always the guy in long pants. Seriously, do you think it would look

OK for Jordan Spieth and Jason Day to duke it out on Sunday at Augusta while wearing plaid Bermuda shorts? Can you imagine the Green Jacket cer-

emony with the knobby-kneed winner in shorts? OK, maybe I’m being a little extreme

here, but do you get the picture? Yeah? Kinda ugly, isn’t it? Despite all the speculation, I don’t see

it happening. Golf at its finest is a game of dignity and tradition. Golfers, with a few notable exceptions, treasure the traditions

and honor the game. Wearing shorts is for caddies and spectators, not guys picking up million dollar checks. Yeah, it’s hot on those lush green fair-

ways when the thermometer is bumping triple digits. But these guys aren’t wearing heavy khakis or cords. They’re decked out in the coolest, most comfortable material money can buy. Think $1,500 for a pair of slacks. From what I under-

stand, some of the golfers are lobbying for shorts during practice rounds and pro-ams. Sorry, but I don’t even agree with that. You know, crack the door … Almost all other sports allow athletes to

Anything goes, but not on the course By BETSEY MITCHELL

Howard, it is so annoying when I agree

with you. There have been so many changes in

apparel in the interest of comfort. It has reached the point where people will leave the house in just about anything. Most of them manage

to cover the critical areas but I have seen epic fails in that department, too. But, let’s keep it to golf. I am all for the pros


wear shorts, or at least uniforms identified with their games. Basketball, soccer and ten- nis players wear shorts and that’s fine and understandable. Given the moves those play- ers have to make, they need the freedom. But golf? Come on Bets, even you have

to agree that this is a long-pants game at the professional level. And don’t hand me some guff about

the LPGA. Women can’t be expected to tee off in long skirts. Besides, they tend to look better in shorts than men do.

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looking like pros, just like I want doctors to look like doctors. It keeps me from

taking advice from the crazy hospital janitor. Recent fashion trends feature a low

slung waist and tight fitting slacks. These have got to be less comfortable than the more blousy slacks sported in the 1960s, but that’s the players’ fault. There was no edict from the commis-

sioner requiring them to wear clothes three sizes too small. Clearly, Tim Finchem is a tolerant fellow. He didn’t put a stop to Poulter’s outfits and don’t get me started on John Daly. This is what it really comes down to.

There was nothing finer than watching Freddie Couples drift down the fairway while he swung his club with lazy aban- don and the trailing wind pressed the fab- ric for just a moment. Oh, what the women of today are

missing. As for the LPGA, my age is showing

on this one. I wish they would show a lot less skin and lot more decorum. Those short shorts look more like

diapers than shorts. I swear those Ralph Lauren Super Stretch Pants look painful. I fear that the women of the tour may

be given advice similar to what was pre- sented in “A League of Their Own.” If they wanted to play, they had to play in short skirts.

Maybe it was that way in the begin-

ning and the juniors and college players followed suit; which brings us to today. Pinehurst Resort published a vintage

photo from the 1940s showing some of the women waiting to tee off for the North & South Championship. They looked posi- tively spiffy. I probably don’t want to play in a calf-

length skirt, but I would be the first in line to buy a pair of loose fitting slacks with some decent pockets.

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