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FOLLOW US “The only consistent thing in life is change.”

How things change. I joined the disability community 39 years ago in the arm amputee division. Prosthetic devices were on the cusp of a revolution, but it was standard stuff that served as my only options at the time. Things have changed: “bionic” hands, microprocessor knees and 3D prosthetic limb printing.

Every day I pore over our new content before it uploads to the Disability Today Network and every day I find amazement in how things continue to evolve not just for amputees, but for all “divisions” in our disability league. Pioneering people, revolutionary products and so many more accessible places for all to enjoy.

And it’s important that we here at Disability Today Network change too! As our community of followers grows (now over 30,000 visitors a month, 14,000+ Twitter followers, and an incredible 300,000 monthly social media impressions) we grow too. And we have... in more media channels, more news, blogs, videos and resources. And of course, in our new look and streamlined navigation to those media channels so you can find what you are looking for in an instant.

That’s what the Disability Today Network is all about. Bringing together the best products and places for the disability community under one “virtual roof” with a network of people as our greatest resource for information and inspiration.

With new content added every day, follow us as it happens through DT Network Tweets (@DisabilityToday) and Facebook (/DisabilityToday). It’s all at

ABOUT US Who are we? We’re a community of internet and social media users. An online village like no other; the dis- ability community’s social media network. We are an online disability “expo” of information of special interest to people with disabilities, their families and healthcare professionals.

Developed by Disability Today Publishing Group, Inc., a community pioneer and leader for people with disabilities for over 25 years, the Disability Today Network is connecting our community in a revolutionary new way through the power of the internet and social media.

Enjoy! Jeff Tiessen, Executive Producer

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