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LISTEN TO YOUR VIRTUAL SEATING COACH Clinicians typically recommend a repositioning regimen for clients who utilize a power wheelchair with power seat functions. It’s clinically understood that using power seat functions allow users to stay in their chair longer, be more active and potentially prevent secondary com- plications. The challenge is helping clients successfully implement the regimen into their daily lives. To meet this challenge, Permobil

has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering Research Laboratories to provide

the Virtual Seat- ing Coach (VSC). The VSC is an app and web- based tool that enables clinicians to establish appropriate seat repositioning rec- ommendations, track progress and remind their clients to keep up their good work.

Check out the VSC video at www.disability



Riding a bike is a treasured child- hood experience. And for a child with special needs bike riding offers far more than a recreational expe- rience. Bike riding provides a source of much needed exercise. It has a therapeutic value

and contributes to an inclusive environment where a child with special needs can ride a bike like everyone else.

Due to balance and mobili- ty challenges many youth with special needs require an adap- tive bike. But the high costs of adaptive bikes keep many on the

sidelines, watching their friends and family members ride by. Friendship Circle is on a mission to provide as many adaptive bikes as possible to those who need them. Every year, Friend- ship Circle gives children with

special needs the opportunity to win a Buddy Bike through the Great Bike Giveaway.

This year 26 of 42 entrants

were lucky enough to receive one. Happy cycling! To help raise funds for the 16 kids still waiting for their tandem bike visit www.friend

Learn more about the Buddy Bike at www.disabilitytoday


Find out more about Ability Online at www.disabilitytoday

Ability Online wants to make 2016 The Year of Kindness, where success is measured in selfless acts and where kindness is the philosophy of life. Join Ability Online in their initiative – Nobody Likes A Bully! Anyone who has been bullied as a child can tell you about the anxiety and fear that these interactions trigger. Bullying on the internet, through social media and texting can be relentless for some. For children with disabilities, it can be even worse. Kids with disabilities are three to five times more likely to be bullied than their peers. That’s why Ability Online is anti-bully every day! The organization’s monitored and safe online environment has been incident-free for over 25 years.

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