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Department of Kinesiology

Academic Year 2015-2016

• Kinesiology faculty members engaged in research focused on improving health and well-being across the lifespan with department-wide research initiatives in the areas of ranging from aging to disability studies. A few faculty members were selected to receive honors accorded in the college and in their respective fields on national and international levels. An indication of significant faculty research activity is the high percentage of Kinesiology faculty members serving as lead authors as they develop their line of research;

• Established Kinesiology Student Association (KSA) organization in the department that provides opportunities for networking, service, and professional development in the student's chosen field. KSA has offered student engagement opportunities in events ranging from the DisAbilities Sports Festival to All Star Swimming for individuals with disabilities. KSA has ventured into the community volunteering their time and service to Ronald McDonald’s House to cleaning up local parks for community members;

• Increased student engagement. Kinesiology majors are now involved in: Service activities, research, and the Kinesiology Student Association (KSA). The faculty and staff in the Department now fully support their journey;

• Branded the Kinesiology logo on laboratories, classrooms and space in the HP Complex and Physical Education Building to give our students a sense of pride in belonging to one of the fastest growing majors on campus, in the state, and in the United States;

• Grown to become one of the fourth largest FTES generating departments on campus which makes Kinesiology an attractive academic discipline for CSUSB students;

• Witnessed a few faculty members serve in major leadership roles on state, regional, national and international committees giving extraordinary visibility to the Department and CSUSB;

• Maintained our Single Subject Matter wavier in physical education and adapted physical education with the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing. CSUSB Kinesiology is one of a few CSU institutions that offers both subject matter waivers for qualified students;

• Developed a department culture that has a quest for excellence; and,

• Hired a diverse group of faculty members who are effective teachers with scientific skills making each person capable of developing a vibrant line of research in their respective sub-field.

Since 1995 the Department has grown from 148 majors to 852 majors in Spring 2016 that is about a 500% increase in the number of majors during this time. The Department of Kinesiology is a significantly superior academic unit that is now an accountable, transparent, efficient, effective and scholarly program. I am leaving behind a robust academic unit with an excellent group of faculty and staff members who certainly will move the department forward. Thank you for the honor to serve you.

Kindest personal regards,

“Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.”

-Gene Tunney

Terry L. Rizzo Professor and Chair, Kinesiology

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