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At the 2016 CAHPERD Conference Terry Rizzo and Janys Antonio received the CAHPERD Honor Award as a result of their commitment to the Association. This award is given in recognition of distinguished service to the profession of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and Dance.

Dr. Dabbs is now current serving as a member at large for the Southwest American College of Sports Medicine Board.


Judith Davis is leaving her adjunct position here at CSUSB, she has been a great asset to our department over the last 3 years. Her and her husband are moving across country.

Nathan Bodell is leaving his adjunct position here at CSUSB and starting a PHD program at UNLV. He has been a great asset to our department over the last year.

Dr. Gentry is now serving as Vice President of CAHPERD.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association officially recognizes California State University, San Bernardino’s Strength and Conditioning Program. This program benefits our students for discounts on certification exams and national recognition. For more information please contact the Director, Dr. Nicole Dabbs or the CSCS sponsor Dr. Guillermo Escalante.

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