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Villagers vow to fight plan for 100 houses

RESIDENTS in Bearsted and Thurnham have pledged to fight the decision to build 100 new homes on land at Barty Farm.

Members of the Bearsted and Thurnham Society were appalled that Maidstone Council granted planning consent for the homes, pre- dicted to generate 400 vehiclemove- ments per day along its access road. Another 100 family homes are

likely to mean more children – for whom there are no school places. Only last month, Chris James,

head of Thurnham Infants School, warned that communities were being divided because children could not go to their nearest schools. Residents inRoundwell, already a

traffic blackspot, have a barrister on standby to fight their cause One householder, who asked not

to be named, said shewas willing to spend up to £30,000 of her own money to stop the development.

She said: “Maidstone council was hell-bent on pushing this application through, in order to achieve its hous- ing numbers, but there needs to be a change to the access road in order for the development to proceed.” The present access is a single track

Jubilant Stones need more room 3

lane and the developers had hoped a second application, to demolish and partially rebuild a listed boundary wall at Barty House Nursing Home, would allow them to create a two- lane road.However, this application was refused. Mary Richards, secretary of the Bearsted and Thurnham Society, said: “Bizarrely, the application re- garding thewallwas refused whilst that for the housing development was approved. “It will be interesting to see what

MAIDSTONE United’s promo- tion to the highest tier of English non-league football has hastened the need for a bigger stadium. While the Stones have no inten-

tion of leaving the Gallagher Sta- dium, the club must increase its capacity by 1,000 to meet with Na- tional League requirements. Management will submit an ap- plication to Maidstone Borough Council to extend one end of the ground. The Stones beat Ebbsfleet United at Stonebridge Road on

the developer does next. Most likely an appeal to the Planning Inspec- torate will appear, on the grounds that the houses cannot be built with- out appropriate access.” The Roundwell resident said: “If

an appeal is forthcoming and MBC decides not to defend it, as was the case with Boughton Lane, we resi- dents will most certainly oppose it. The residents in Loosewere success- ful and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be.” The application to demolish and relocate the wall falls within Bearsted parish, while the proposed housing falls in Thurnham. The application granted outline permission for 43 four-bedroom houses, 25 three-bedroom houses and two two-bedroom

June 2016 No. 230 News Hero Jack’s honour

JACK White has been posthu- mously given the highest French honour for his part in Germany’s WWII defeat. 4

Village shop at risk

THE last general store in Holling- bourne could shut at the end of the year. 5

Leeds Abbey’s secret 8

A NEW book details the work of designer Capability Brown’s work in Leeds.

Shop robbers jailed

THREE men who held up a store in Bearsted have been jailed at Maidstone. 16

Bus pass price hike

THE cost of a young person’s bus pass is to rise by £20, sparking anger. 17

Kent Show beer fest

THE county show will be a celebration of local beers and ciders.

18 Castle boss ‘sorry’

LEEDS Castle’s chief has apolo- gised to locals for high Easter traffic volumes. 20

Vicar to bow out

REV Richard Venn will miss mak- ing jokes in his sermons - but not the workload. 26

penalties on May 14 to graduate into the higher division on an af- ternoon drenched in emotion and excitement.

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A last gasp equalising goal in extra-time sent the tie to penalties which the away side won 4-3. Full story and pictures, page 40

Election special

FULL coverage of the borough council elections, the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner poll and your chance to vote in our special eve-of-referendum opinion poll inside.

10-14 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

Comment 36-37 Obituaries

A LARGE increase in lorry traffic was noted in Leeds possibly linnked to the fruit-growing season; a scheme was outlined for a travellers’ site in Ulcombe.

Crime Reports 29 A PHONE was stolen inBearsted.


46-47 42

Parish Councils 54-55

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