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18 - June 2016

Country Club Landscaping and

Equipment Repair

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• 2008 Toro 3500 rotary $13,500 • 2005 Toro 3500 rotary $10,500 • 2012 Jacobsen LF 570 4 wd $24,500 • 2011 Toro 5040 Sand Rake 3 wd rear QAS $8,500 • 2011 Toro 4000D Rotary Mower $18,500 • 2006 Toro 3040 3 wheel drive w/QAS New Engine $5,500 • Dakota 410 Tow Topdresser $10,000 • Jacobsen 9016 $12,000 • 2011 John Deere verticut QA5 style $3,500 set • 2011 Cushman Truckster 770 hrs high flow $15,500 • 2009 Jacobsen AR3 $10,500 • 2009 Tru Turf Rollers w/spikes $6,000 • Peerless 2000 spin grinder and 1000 bedknive grinder reduced $8,500 • Jacobsen 5 or 7 gang hydraulic frame mowers from $3,500 • Neary 550 SR spin and relief grinder $6,000 • Toro Reelmaster Sidewinder serviced and sharp $5,500 • 2009 Jacobsen GKIV plus $11,500 • New Holland TN70 tractor with Alamo mower $11,500 • Cushman Jr with SDI sprayer $3,500 • Cushman Jr $2,000/EZGO ST480 gas $2800 • Agrimetal pull behind aerator $4,250 • EZGO 4x4 18 hp $5,000 • 2006 Toro SandPro - plow, rear rakes $5,500 • 2008 Jacobsen, GKIV $8,500 • 2010 Toro 3250 with reels and verticuts $10,500

2011 Toro 4300 4 W/D Rotary $24500

2010 Toro Triflex 3320 REDUCED!! $13500

Planet Air HD 50 Aerator 12hrs $12500

2011 Jacobsen R 311T $28500

2011 Jacobsen GKIV $13850

2012 John Deere 2500BG $12500

2010 Jacobsen Triking low hrs $8500

2012 Toro Propass 200 Spinner

Topdresser $8000

2010 John Deere 1200A 1200hrs $8800

2006 Toro 580 $20500


Golf Course Trades

John Deere 5210 Tractor 4W/D $15500

2009 Toro 4700D only 1891hrs $29950

2005 Toro 5700D 300 Gallon Sprayer 2412hrs $11500

2012 Toro 5510 fairway mower 1100hrs $24500

2010 Toro 5510 4W/D $24500

2007 Toro 3040 with spiker and rear rakes $7800

2008 John Deere Aercore 800 $8500

2010 John Deere 2500BG QA5 Reels $12500

2011 Toro 5510D 1000hrs $22500

2011 Tru turf roller RS48-11D $9000

2009 Jacobsen 1900 Diesel Trim Mower $10000 approx 550hrs

2011 Toro 3500D 1500hrs Sidewinder $18250

2012 John Deere 1600 Series II Turbo WAM 1560hrs $22500

2009 Toro 5040 Sandpro 983hrs Hydraulics New Engine $11500

2006 Toro 3200

Workman with 200 gal Sprayer $9950

PondHawk: Solar Powered Subsurface Pond Aeration by Linda Parker

Sometimes our biggest challenges are found “in our own backyard,” and literally “right under our noses.” Such was the case for Craig and Sandra Burton who, in 2009, acquired a property in an established neighborhood with a pond positioned in a low-lying, gully area.

For some fi fty years, this neglected pond with negligible outfl ow had collected storm water drainage from the residential community. The result was a paucity of fi sh and wildlife, unsightly algae, a breeding ground in which mosquitos thrived and the emittance of a gas so noxious that people exposed to it complained of respiratory irritation and severe coughing.

As Craig investigated the problems of the pond, he recognized that this aquatic environment suffered from a buildup of decomposing organic material in its benthic zone, the scientifi c name for the sediment and fi rst few levels of strata on the bottom of a body of water. Historically, when a lake or pond changed from healthy to murky, defi cient in oxygen and overgrown with algae, the reaction by many people was to add chemicals.

Ironically, chemical-laden runoff water from fertilized lawns and gardens and other applications commonly accepted in residential or agricultural areas is one of the primary reasons bodies of water go stagnant. In fact, in many countries, the use of chemicals to treat algae bloom in lakes and ponds has been ruled illegal. Chemical applications may kill algae bloom, but they don’t eliminate the decomposing organic algae that fi nds its way to the bottom of a water feature, thereby exacerbating the

problem and increasing the water’s darkness, sludge and decaying material, which then feeds the next algae bloom. The Right Man for the Mission

Craig Burton’s career has focused on solar energy, specifi cally designing and building off-grid photovoltaic systems in southern Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. His engineering accomplishments include the development of a photovoltaic power supply for a camera system on the Kilauea Volcano, a solar micro-grid system for the Ulu Temburong National Park in Brunei, a mobile solar power supply for the Botswana Defense Force, a solar water pumping system in the Dominican Republic and solar lighting systems for homes in Micronesia.

As a marketing product leader for GE Energy, Craig was already well versed in strategic marketing and product positioning for the company’s on-grid residential solar appliance “Brilliance” before he became involved in the product design and launch inspired by the green and stinky pond water in his own backyard. In view of his expertise and accomplishments, it seems obvious that the algae and mosquitos in the Burton’s pond never stood a chance after Craig took on the challenge.

The result of Craig’s commitment to restore the neighborhood pond has been the development of the patented PondHawk® aeration solution, a fully integrated, solar direct, subsurface diffused aeration system that improves water quality in ponds, lakes and lagoons. Today, the neighborhood pond is free from algae overgrowth and serves as a haven for fi sh, frogs, turtles and at least

one blue heron. The PondHawk solar aeration system is manufactured and marketed by LINNE Industries, a Newark, Delaware based company that the Burtons founded in 2013.

The PondHawk Solar Aeration System

From its minimalist design to its low-impact footprint, the PondHawk is a unique subsurface water aeration product that uses solar powered aeration to increase dissolved oxygen, eliminate stratifi cation, and improve water quality and fi sh habitats. The powder-coated, tamper-resistant marine-grade steel enclosure that protects the product’s wires and tubing is designed to be positioned on a six- and-a-half-foot tall mast; however, the PondHawk can be installed at a lower height if preferred.

Photo compliments of PondHawk LINNE Industries

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