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The Sagatagan Society S a i n t J o h n ’ s P r e p S c h o o l e x p r e s s e s d e e p a p p r e c i a t i o n f o r m e m b e r s o f t h e T h e S a g a t a g a n

S o c i e t y . M e m b e r s h a v e m a d e a n e s t a t e p r o v i s i o n f o r S a i n t J o h n ’ s P r e p a r a t o r y S c h o o l ’ s e n d o w m e n t , as a beneficiary of their will/trust, IRA or retirement plan, life insurance policy, charitable remainder trust o r h a v e c r e a t e d o r p l e d g e d t o c r e a t e a n e n d o w e d s c h o l a r s h i p o f $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 o r m o r e d u r i n g t h e i r l i f e t i m e .

If you have included Saint John’s Prep School in your planned giving, please let us know so we can properly recognize your gift.

Fr. Thomas Andert OSB ’65 o r 5

Al and Jean Beckel John and Nancy Berg Paul  and

Jacqueline Breher Frank and Alice Brown Jim ‘50 and Bridget Burkart Dennis ’56 and Marilyn Cavanaugh o  and nna Ceulla +Donovan Christopherson Joe and Pat Comfort ernard  and Elizabeth Corcoran Caroline Davidson +Joseph and Olive DeBevec Cyril Denn ’66

Joseph DesJardins and Linda Eich DesJardins oug  and ois i Jim and Jen Dwyer Peter  and ose er Gene and Kathleen Delaune Patrick Dwyer and Jeanne Cofell

Paul 3 and arara ast +Daniel and Barbara Eich on 3 and inn ord Jonathan Fribley and Mary Dwyer

Gus ’61 and Mary Frics oert 53 and o nn rieler Paul and Mavis Gannon arr 3 and Mar aeg

ap ge 14 | A n n u a l R e po r t err all

ames and Carol amlin Patri eld  Pilomena esse Paul olemer 5 omas 5 and ii oner r. Cu u  om 53 and Saron ae Fr. Michael Kaluza ’86 Michael and Jane Kathman erert and nn ell Seerin and ut oo +Frank and Julia Ladner itor auer  +Alver and Jean Leighton Bob ’68 and Anne Mahowald an  and inda Marrin .C. Marrin  Sara Marin 

at and aid Mae Stee 3 and

Karen McCormick Tom ’68 and Judy McCormick

illiam 3 and Ann McDonald

eorge and e Moall Tom ’56 and Linda McGraw aniel Mein 3

+William and +Leona Meinz +Florence Meyers

omas Murta  and Stefanie Lenway

Edwin and Cora Neisen r. Paul-inent Nieauer OS

+Walter and +Caroline Niebauer im Noonan 3 and

Margaret Schaus ein OMalle  and Marcia Steyaert

Barney ’55 and Kay Ostertag rue 5 and Patriia Perrio +Francis and Mary Jane Poepl r. erald Poer 5 Mie  and Susan ile arara ogan r. ell an OS r. omas an  So 3 and Sona Saer err 5 and orraine Sande oert Smeler  John Sipe ’61 ulius Smit  Kevin Smith ’66 Flip ’51 and Pat Spanier nn Marie Sto  and David Campagna

. err 5 and ati Streeter . reg 5 and ita Sullian Ed and Wanda Sweeney Joe ’68 and Diana Twidwell Jerome Weber rnest eidner  Marin 5 and Christine Weniger oe 3 and Mar enner Wally Wenner ’50

Cli and ais iteill ara Peter  and irginia olters +George and +Lillian Wright an  and rae oung Steve ’68 and

Susan Zimmerman

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