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Lipsticks are intensely color saturated providing exceptional color clarity. All lipsticks are made in a moist, creamy texture that applies effortlessly for long lasting wear. Our color palette includes natural, bold, vibrant, and sultry for unlimited creativity. Expect 50-150 applications. LS. 3.4gm./.12oz.

Hot Pink Siren Red Cotton Candy Red Coat LS-63 LS-41 LS-15 LS-2

LS-3 Coral

Ruby Red First Blush Candy Pink LS-64 LS-47 LS-16 Hot Coral

LS-17 Black

Watermelon LS-48 LS-31 Dusty Rose Mocha Rose

LS-50 Poppy

LS-19 LS-4 Garnet Boysenberry Cherryberry LS-51 LS-23 LS-5 Plum Pink Primrose Pink Tart LS-52 LS-26 LS-6 Natural Champagne Ice

LS-55 Nudie

LS-30 LS-7 Cranberry Rose Glaze Blushable

Ultra-creamy formula combines high pigmentation for long lasting beauty. Our shades are perfect for any look in naturals, pop colors and exceptional reds. Shape and define, or wear alone with gloss. Expect 50-150 applications. LP. 7” Length, .65oz./1.83gm.

Lip Colour Pencils LS-56 LS-32 LS-8

LS-9 Plum

Marilyn Red Doe-A-Deer LS-57 LS-33 Bordeaux Russian Red Peachy Keen LS-58 LS-34 LS-10 Desert Rose

LS-35 Vampira

Gypsy Rose LS-59 LS-11 Natural Brown

LS-36 Gold Ice

Wild Violet LS-60 LS-12 Magenta Winter Ice

LS-61 Twilight

LS-37 LS-13 True Red Silver Ice Wicked Plum LS-62 LS-38 LS-14

Really Red

LP-135 Spice

Berry Brown LP-146


Bare Cedar

LP-136 Rosewood

Mystic Plum LP-147


LP-127 Nude

Cocoa Spice

LP-148 Beet Red



LP-140 Vino

Cherry Pop LP-149


LP-130 Burgundy

LP-142 Salsa

French Roast LP-150

LP-131 Wine Berry Chocoholic Super Pink LP-151 LP-143

LP-132 Currant

Rum Raisin

LP-152 Tea Rose


LP-134 Natural

Ginger Snap LP-145

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