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Lumière Grande Colour

These pigment-rich, bold luminescent colors inspire beautiful creativity for fashion, main stage, fantasy, or for body painting.

Apply dry or blend with water or LiquiSet for greater opacity and

intensity. Spray with Final Seal for added durability. All are refillable. Expect 50-250 applications. LU. 2.7gm./.09oz.

LU-1 Ice

Tangerine Royal Purple Golden Apricot LU-18 LU-13 LU-7

Iced Gold Chartreuse Amethyst

LU-19 Peacock

LU-14 LU-8


Aztec Gold Mermaid Green Persimmon Starry Night LU-20 LU-15 LU-9


LU-4 Silver

LU-10 Jade

Cherry Red Indian Copper LU-20 LU-155

Bronze Turquoise

LU-16 Azalea



Sun Yellow Cosmic Blue Cosmic Violet LU-17 Grande Colour Palette LU-12


This palette offers artists and actors vibrant colors to create magical designs. The twelve-color palette includes every essential shade for exceptional results. Expect 250-1,200 applications. LUK-12 43.2gm./1.5oz. L/R Top: LU-1, LU-3, LU-4, LU-16, LU-12, LU-6. Bottom: LU-2, LU-7, LU-8, LU-10. LU-14, LU-17. Refillable palette.

You will love these eight metallic shades for beauty, fantasy or any high intensity creation. Palette includes window cover. Expect 250-1,200 applications. ESP-93, 21.6gm./.72oz. L/R Top: LU-1, LU-2, LU-3, LU-4. Bottom: LU-18, LU-21, LU-5, LU-20. Refillable palette.

Metallic Palette

Brilliant Colour Palette

This palette is loaded with eight bedazzling colors which are explosively charged with design virtuosity. Expect 250-1,200 applications. ESP-94 2gm./.7oz. L/R Top: LU-6, LU-7, LU-17, LU-13. Bottom: LU-11, LU-12, LU-8, LU-16. Refillable palette.

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