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Pearl Sheen Shadows

Artists love the beautiful brilliance of our 28 new and improved eye shadows. The series includes a stunning collection of sparkling radi- ance, vivid jewel tones, and wickedly-rich contours. Apply dry or wet with our LiquiSet Sealer for infallible durability. Expect 150-250 applications. 1.7gm./.06oz. Refillable case.

PS-1 White

PS-15 Gold

PS-301 Moonlight

Ultra Violet White Gold

PS-303 Sandstorm

PS-16 PS-5 Sapphire

PS-18 Bronze

Sun Goddess PS-310 PS-6

PS-9 Rose

Silver Grey Umber Glow PS-312 PS-19

PS-12 Mango

Sea Blue Hot Mango PS-315 PS-20

PS-13 Walnut

PS-21 Charcoal

Sizzleberry PS-320

PS-14 Copper

Turquoise Naughty Berry

PS-330 Lilac Fizz

Green Envy PS-340 Tahitian Teal PS-350

PS-360 Deep Cove

PS-380 Electric Eel

Galaxy Dust PS-385

PS-395 Nightclub

Cake Eye Liner Our old school formula can’t be beat for opacity and resilience to heat and perspiration. Can be deftly smudged as it dries. For added durability, mix with our LiquiSet Sealer in place of water. All shades are refillable! Expect 100-350 applications. EL. 2gm./.07oz.

EL-0 White

Brown EL-5

EL-1 Black

EL-55 Taupe

Charcoal Eggplant EL-6 EL-2 PS-325 PS-22

Dark Brown Electric Blue EL-7


Neutral Palette

Any one of these shades is delightful for everyday wear, Red Carpet and bridal. Every shade provides sparkling luminescence. Expect 320-800 applications. PSP-01 23.8gm./.84oz. L/R Top: PS- 301, PS-15, PS-16, PS-312, PS-6. Center PS-380, PS-303, PS-310, PS-14. Bottom: PS-385, PS-18, PS-9, PS-395. Refillable palette.

Dynamic Palette

These spectacular shades are dazzling and dramatic, ideal for fashion, runway, bridal and drag. Refillable palette with window cover. Expect 320-800 applications. PSP-02 23.8gm./.84oz. L/R Top: PS-1, PS-12, PS-20, PS-13, PS-330. Center: PS-5, PS-340, PS-320, PS-21; Bottom: PS-350, PS-360, PS-315, PS-325, PS-395. Refillable palette.

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