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CONCEALERS, PALETTES + CRAYONS Concealer & Adjuster Palette

It’s an arsenal of eighteen innovative colors to conceal and neutralize tattoos, discoloration, age spots and redness. Provides full-coverage with an easy to blend and buildable lightweight texture. Favorites include Mellow Yellow, Blue Neutral- izer, Tattoo, Mojave and DuraCovers. The palette contains 50% more product than other brands and includes a mixing palette. Expect 600-2,000 applications. HDAP-1 68gm./2.4oz. Top L/R: CC-0, GC-1, MY-2, NT-1, NT-11, DV-320. Middle: CC-1, NT-2, NB-1, NB-2, FS-1, SC-18. Bottom: HY-1, SC-8, SC-3, SC-9, SC-10, SC-12.

For artists on the go, these crayons cover a multitude of imperfections. The se- ries is inspired by Ben Nye’s classics, such as Coverette, Mellow Yellow, Blue Neutralizer, Tattoo and Studio Beard Cover. They yield high pigmentation and offer a durable, yet silky texture. Expect 100-300 applications. NP 2.5gm./09oz.

Concealer Crayons

NP-10 Cool

Apply along water-line to eliminate redness and keep eyes looking bright and fresh. Can be used around the lips to fix and highlight the lip line. Also works great under the eyebrow to sharpen brow shape. Set with Luxury Powder adjacent to lip corners and beneath brows. Expect 50-175 applications. HP-1 1gm./.03oz.

Highlighter Pencil

HP-1 Nude

NP-12 Warm

NP-14 Blue

NP-16 Red 1

NP-17 Red 2

Tattoo Cover 2 NP-22 Tattoo Cover 4 NP-24

Concealer & Correctors easily camouflage under-eye circles, redness, tattoo and vitiligo.

Concealer Wheels

The MediaPRO formula provides a flawless natural finish that requires little powder.

Six Color Wheel: Expect 300-900 applications 28gm./1oz. Four Color Wheel: Expect 200-600 applications14gm./.5oz.

Shades noted clockwise from top left position.

NK-11 Total Conceal-All NB-1, MY-2, NT-1, NB-3, NR-1, GC-1 (C)

SK-100 Total Cover-All MY-1, MO-2, CC-1, MY-2, MO-11, NT-1 (C)

SK-200 Total Cover-All II CC-1, HY-1, NT-1, CC-2, GC-1, CH-0 (C)

NK-1 Conceal-All NB-1, NT-2, NB-2, NR-1

SK-1 Cover-All CC-3, MO-2, NR-2, MY-2

SK-10 Corrector CTR-01, 03, 05, 07

SK-11 Tattoo Cover NT-2, MY-2, NT-4, CC-1

SK-2 Highlight CH-2, CH-0, CH-5, CH-01

SK-3 Shadow CS-3, CL-11, CS-4, CS-21

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