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MediaPRO® Blush & Contour Palette


This palette makes a fashion statement with 18 incomparable MediaPRO High- lights, Shadows, Blush and Ultra Contours. All colors are nicely pigmented and designed in a moist, easily buildable formula. It contains 50% more product than other brands and includes a built-in mixing palette. Expect 750-1,800 applications 63gm./2.22oz. HDCCP-1 Top L/R: MCH-02, MCH-03, MCH-10, MCH-15, MCS-05, MCS- 07 Middle: MCB-03, MCB-02, MCB-09, MCB-05, MCB-08, MUC-07; Bottom: MUC-12, MCB-185, MCB-21, MCB-15, MUC-03, MUC-05.

Creme Highlights Silky smooth Creme Highlights accentuate cheeks, brows, and nose in ten shades for all complexions. Expect 50-300 applications. MCH. 10gm./.35oz. Refillable case.

Creme Blush MediaPRO Blush is available in sixteen beautiful shades from demure Blushing Bride and Shy Rose to vibrant Jazzberry and Wicked Red. Its lightweight texture blends and layers for complete control. Expect 50-300 applications. MCB. 10gm./.35oz. Refillable case.

MCH-00 White

MCH-07 Nude

MCH-01 Porcelain

MCH-09 Almond

MCH-02 Palest Pink

MCH-10 Banana

MCH-03 Ultra Light

MCH-11 Camel

MCH-05 Ivory

Light Caramel MCH-15

Blushing Bride

MCB-10 Sun Kissed

Creme Shadows


MCB-02 Carnation

MCB-11 Terra Blush

MCB-03 Shy Rose

MCB-15 Jazzberry

MCB-04 Rose Blush

MCB-16 L’Orange

Blushing Rose

MCB-17 Real Red

Select from five contours versatile enough for just a hint of shading or broad contouring for dramatic and stylish effects. Expect 50-300 applications. MCS. 10gm./.35oz. Refillable case.

Ultra Blush


MCB-07 Coral

MCB-185 Wicked Red

Isalnd Coral

MCB-19 Urban Red


Guava Blush

MCB-21 Plum


Seven vivid contouring colors to sculpt high- styled fashion or character design. Exceptional for all complexions, but fashion-forward for olive and brown complexions. Full coverage, yet may be applied delicately for subtle detailing. Expect 50-300 applications. 10gm./.35oz. Refillable case.

MCS-01 Neutral

MCS-03 Natural

MCS-05 Medium

MCS-07 Rich Brown

MCS-09 Midnite

MUC-03 Purple

Urban Violet


MUC-07 Tuscan Red

Dark Burgundy


MUC-12 Coven Red

MUC-14 Night Sky

MUC-29 Onyx

Blush & Contour Palette

Contouring has never been easier! This palette includes 12 essential MediaPRO Creme Blush, Ultra Blush, Highlights and Contours. All are easy to apply in a moist formula that blends to a satiny finish. Expect 500-1,500 applications. LCCP-1 51gm./1.8oz. Top L/R: MCH-01, MCH-03, MCH-05, MCS-01, MCS-03, MCS-05; Bottom: MCB-01, MCB-03, MCB-05, MCB-09, MCB-15, MCB-17. Refillable palette.

Creme Blush Wheel This attractive wheel is often preferred by professional artists who love the versatility of the six beautiful hues! All are blended in MediaPRO satiny- smooth full-coverage formula. Expect 300-700 applications. CR-100 28gm./1oz. Shades (clockwise from top left): CR-0, CR-4, CR-7, CR-3, CL-13, CR-2 (C).

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