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Matte HD Foundations

This series offers the best foundation qualities for film, video, large stage, and fashion. Its smooth, light texture offers moderate coverage that easily builds for more coverage. Apply with latex sponge, Foundation Brush, or our new Bullet Blenders. Expect 50-250 applications. 14gm./5oz.

Essential Matte HD Palette Twelve all-complexion HD Foundation shades that are packaged in a refill- able palette. Expect 50 -100 applications per color. LFP-12, 51gm./1.8oz. Top Row L/R: CE-1, CE-3, P-42, BE-1, BE-5, IS-18. Bottom L/R: OB-1, NO-5, SH-3, SA-1, SA-5, SA-11. Refillable palette.

MM-104 Pale Bisque

BEL-004 Bella 004

SH-0 Ivory

Beige Natural 1 Chinois Medium

CN-004 Dune

MH-11 Brazil Nut

IS-35 BN-1 Cameo Beige Bamboo 1

SH-1 Fairest

Beige Natural 2

IS-41 Soleil

Au Lait Mojave Bronze MH-12 SA-1 BN-2 BO-1 MM-108

MM-112 Silky Peach

Bamboo 2

SH-2 Fair

Beige Natural 3 Naturelle Golden Latté Brown Suede MH-14 SA-2 EB-1 BN-3 BO-2

MM-124 Blush Beige

Bamboo 3 Medium Beige Natural 4 Naturelle Buff

SA-3 Latté

Semi-Sweet MH-16 EB-6 BN-4 SH-3 BO-3

MM-134 Shell Pink

Bamboo 4

SH-4 Deep

Olive Beige 1

N-1 Fair

Mocha Coco Soufflé MH-18 SA-5 OB-1 BO-4 Vanilla Almond Radiant Olive 1 Fairest Olive Beige 2

N-3 Buff

Sumatra Espresso Bean MH-20 SA-7 OB-2 CE-1 RO-1 MM-495

MM-497 Pale Honey

Radiant Olive 2

CE-2 Fair

Olive Beige 3 Warm Olive 1

SA-9 Java

WO-1 OB-3 RO-2

Olive-Brown Matte HD Palette

Global foundation shades for olive to dark brown complexions. Set with Mojave Luxury Powders or Poudre Compacts. Expect 50 -100 applications per color. BFP-12. 51gm./1.8oz. Top L/R: MH-02, NO-7, MA-1, SA-1, MH-08, MH-10; Bottom: SA-5, MH-12, MH-14, SA-11, MH-16, MH-20. Refillable palette.

MM-507 Chamonix

Radiant Olive 3 Light Beige Olive Beige 4 Mocha Creme

SA-11 Espresso

FT-8 OB-4 CE-3 RO-3

MM-571 Rich Olive

Radiant Olive 4

CE-5 Beige

White Velvet Golden Ebony

MH-02 Almond

FT-13 IS-00 RO-4 Deep Bronze Pale Biscotte Light Tan Special White

CN-0 Ultra

MH-04 Pecan

IS-1 CE-7 NO-1 MM-573

BEL-010 Bella 010


CE-9 Tan

Pure Ivory

CN-010 Trés Clair

MH-06 Praline

IS-3 NO-3

BEL-001 Bella 001

NO-5 Brulée

Cameo Bare Beige

CN-001 Clair

MH-07 Rio Tan

IS-8 BE-1

BEL-002 Bella 002

Soft Caramel Natural Beige Olive Tan Barely Beige Golden Spice MH-08 CN-002 IS-18 BE-3 NO-7

BEL-003 Bella 003

Tan Brulée Warm Sand

IS-21 Wheat

CN-003 True Beige

Coco Sorbet MH-10 BE-5 NO-9

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