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ProColor Foundations, Contours, Tattoo & Concealers and Shimmers provide a beautiful look. Death, FX and Classic Colors create remarkable realism.

Beauty Series - Foundations Our series provides natural HD coverage in a durable aqua formula. Just decide whether you are designing for day looks, bridal, or long lasting evening wear. Sixteen shades for all com- plexions are nicely pigmented and micro-blended for delicate, durable coverage. Expect 20-150 applications. PCB. 29ml./1oz.

PCB-03 Porcelain

Warm Sand Deep Bronze PCB-38 PCB-18 Ultra Beige

PCB-20 Olive Tan

Sahara Au Lait PCB-42 PCB-05

PCB-07 Olive Fair

Olive Beige

PCB-44 Espresso

PCB-22 Ciné Fairest Shinsei Fairest Shinsei Medium PCB-30 Espresso Bean

Beauty Series - Blush & Contours Finish your makeup with 14 Blush, Highlights and Contours. The series includes 7 blush, 4 highlights and 3 shadows. Expect 20- 150 applications. PCB. 29ml./1oz.

Blushing Bride

PCB-73 Ultralite


PCB-63 Shy Rose

PCB-75 Ivory

Blushing Rose

PCB-79 Almond


PCB-67 Coral

PCB-710 Banana

Island Coral

PCB-81 Neutral


PCB-69 Guava

PCB-83 Natural

PCB-615 Jazzberry

Rich Brown

Tattoo Cover & Concealers Use Ben Nye’s innovative Tattoo Cover to neutralize dark body art. Blue Concealer No. 1 (PCN-14) is especially efficient. Conceal blem- ishes, under-eye shadows, age spots and redness. Warm Concealer PCN-12 is great at covering under-eye discoloration. Enhance durability by adding Final Seal! Expect 20-150 applications. PCN. 29ml./1oz.

Cool Concealer PCN-10 Warm Concealer Blue Concealer 1 Red Concealer 1 PCN-12 Shimmer Series PCN-14 PCN-16 Red Concealer 2 Tattoo Cover 2

Add beautiful luminescence to face and body with these ultra-fine synthetic pigments. Colors: Ice, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze. In addition to airbrush, they may be applied with a sponge. Expect 20-150 applications per 1oz. PCS. 29ml./1oz. - 59ml./2oz.

PCS-01 Ultra Ice

PCS-03 Gold

PCS-04 Silver

PCS-05 Bronze

PCS-06 Copper

PCN-17 PCN-22 Tattoo Cover 4 Grey Purple PCFX-9

PCFX-90 Indigo Blue

PCFX-91 Vein

Mixing Liquid The aqua formula includes a sealer that keeps color firmly in place. Add to any paints that may require thinning. PCM-01 29ml./1oz., PCM-04 118ml./4oz.

PCFX-93 Electric Blue

Vintage Blk Tat. Vintage Blue-Blk Tat. PCFX-97

Final Seal Add Final Seal to ProColor for a more durable finish. Several drops to a “cup” of color will improve strength and retard the effects of heat and perspiration. Same great formula as original Final Seal. PCFY-01 29ml/1oz., PCFY-02 59ml./2oz.

PCFX-98 PCN-24 PCB-87 PCB-46

PCC-01 White

Golden Yellow

PCC-27 Turquoise


PCC-03 Black

PCC-15 Purple

PCC-30 Fire Red

PCC-05 Red

PCC-17 Pink

Cosmic Blue PCC-31

PCC-07 Blue

PCC-19 Orange

Kelly Green PCC-32 Bright Yellow Warm Brown Royal Violet PCC-35 PCC-23 PCC-09

PCC-11 Green

PCC-25 Grey

PCC-37 Sapphire

Death & FX Series Our Death shades are standards for classic characters or for innovative complexions. Available in eight iconic shades. FX Colors lend vibrant, realism to create cuts, bruises, burns, and general mayhem. All shades may be hand painted or airbrushed. Expect 20-150 applications per 1oz. PCD/PCFX. 29ml./1oz. - 59ml./2oz.

Sallow Green Death Blue Grey PCD-22 PCD-14 Cadaver Grey

PCFX-2 Bruise

PCD-15 Death Purple Burnt Coral PCFX-3 PCD-17 Death Straw

PCFX-32 Dried Blood

PCD-18 Death Flesh

PCFX-33 Blood Red

PCD-19 Pale Vampire Dark Burgundy PCFX-5 PCD-20 Frankenstein Midnite Violet PCFX-7 PCD-21 PCB-09 Ciné Light Beige PCB-32 PCB-11

PCB-16 Cameo

PCB-36 Brulée

Classic Series

All are ideal for character, FX, fantasy, and more. Add a few drops of Final Seal to extend wear and retard perspiration. Expect 20-150 applications per 1oz. 29ml./1oz. - 59ml./2oz.

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