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F/X Creme Colors Ben Nye’s FX Colors reflect “true-to-life” realism for all manner of cuts, bruises, abrasions, and any roughed up character! Artists have complete con- trol over color-nuance with saturated, micro-dispersed and buildable texture. Ideal for film, “red camera”, HD broadcast, main stage, or moulage. Stackable. Expect 50-250 applications. FX 8.5gm./.3oz.

FX-0 White

Blood Red Black & Blue Sallow Green Chrome Yellow FX-11 FX-72 FX-33

FX-00 Ultralite

Fresh Cut Dark Brown FX-12 FX-77 FX-34 Medium Plum Dark Crimson Beard Stipple

FX-121 Goldenrod

FX-78 FX-35 FX-1

FX-2 Bruise

Charcoal Blue Dark Burgundy

FX-8 Black

Capillary Stipple FX-13 Grey Purple Liver Spot FX-15 FX-9 FX-4 Burnt Coral FX-5 FX-3

FX-31 Fire Red

FX-51 Maroon

FX-91 Vein

Freckle Stipple FX-17 Dried Blood

FX-6 Purple

FX-97 Blue

Age Spot FX-19 FX-32 Dark Sunburn Midnite Violet Sapphire Blue Character Shadow FX-192 FX-10 FX-7

F/X Color Stacks FX Stacks give you effect- specific realism in Bruise, Burn and Age. Blendable with alcohol on skin for transparent “in-skin” effects. Set with Neutral Set Powder. Expect 50-250 applications per shade. 42gm./1.5oz.

Bruise FXS-1 (pictured): FX-12, FX-11, FX-2, FX-5, FX-7 Age Effects FXS-2: FX-91, FX-9, FX-13, FX-15, FX-17 Burn Effects FXS-3: FX-31, FX-1, FX-4, FX-8


Ultimate F/X Palette

Be ready for all effects with this incomparable 18-Color palette for cuts, bruises, road rash, age, black-eye or moulage. All formulated in a moist, fully-pigmented texture that creates “in-the-skin effects” with alcohol. Expect 720-1,800 applications. HDFXP-1 63gm./2.2oz. By Row L/R: FX-0, FX-12, FX-121, FX-11, FX-321, FX-13; Center: FX-31, FX-34, FX-2, FX-32, FX-5, FX-35; Bottom: FX-91, FX-10, FX-6, FX-72, FX-9, FX-8.

Bruise F/X Palette - Alcohol Activated Essential shades to create cuts, bruises, black-eyes and more. All shades have natural realism and durability for long lasting wear. Colors can be mixed to make accent shades. Expect 50-350 applications per shade. AAP-01 3.5gm./1.2oz. L/R: Dark Blue, Yellow, Maroon, Purple, Sallow Green.

Tooth F/X Palette - Alcohol Activated Distress teeth with durable, alcohol activated colors. Brush on natural teeth and synthetic surfaces for gaping holes, broken, decayed, nicotine- stained and bloody effects. Expect 50-250 applications per shade. AAP-05 3.5gm./1.2oz. L/R: Black, Nicotine, Fresh Blood, Decay, Rot.

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