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Frankfurt 19-21 April

Daily The worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events T

HE 14th IMEX in Frankfurt opened with Ray Bloom, chairman of IMEX Group, inviting the meetings industry to continue to advance the case for this vital sector of the economy. Welcoming a series of reports on the meetings sector’s strength, Bloom said ex- hibitors and visitors would find plenty of op- portunities to do business, find new suppliers and prospects, learn about the latest trends and meet industry colleagues from across the world.

He also called on IMEX participants to press the case for meetings as business builders with the elected officials who were attending the Politicians Forum.

“By exchanging ideas with global industry

leaders, we can increase the understanding of how important the meetings industry is to their economies,” he said. At the opening ceremony, keynote speaker David DuBois, president and CEO of the In- ternational Association of Exhibitions and Events and immediate past chair of Conven- tion Industry Council, highlighted the world- wide impact of the meetings and events industry on the economy and overall market- place beyond tourism.

In a powerful and engaging speech he

said: “The business events industry provides the catalyst for transitioning towards a knowledge and creative society. Indeed, gov-

ernments themselves acknowledge that it takes a meeting or a summit to solve global issues and to avoid catastrophe, and when scientists, medics and technologists meet, they too change the world.” DuBois reiterated Bloom’s point about gaining leverage with politicians,


heralded the work carried out by the meet- ings industry in demonstrating that meetings and events added real value to local economies.

He also issued a passionate call for the ‘grey hairs’ of his generation to ensure that their knowledge was not lost on the genera- tion coming up behind who had to run the in- dustry for the future. Education remained an important plank of the meetings industry, as demonstrated in IMEX’s ongoing commitment to providing educational opportunities. Matthias Schultze, managing director of the German Convention Bureau said that partnerships remained the key to the suc- cess of the sector. Pointing to the recently signed memorandum of understanding of the new Strategic Alliance of the National Con- vention Bureaux of Europe, he said it was significant that this group had formed and had launched at IMEX. Uwe Behm, board member of Messe Frankfurt, welcomed IMEX back to the venue and said that it remained a privilege that the foremost meetings and events show contin- ued to choose Frankfurt as its base. Bloom added that IMEX was becoming more of a rallying point for the meetings in-

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Sharing knowledge and experiences at IMEX

dustry, with key partners choosing to align their own key events with the IMEX calendar. As well as established events such as Asso- ciation Day, on the Monday before IMEX, and Exclusively Corporate @IMEX, this year saw the first PCMA Business School in Europe held at the show.

Bloom concluded: “There are countless op- portunities for everyone to do business, learn or meet here this week. The thousands of ex- hibitors, buyers, press and other industry pro- fessionals at IMEX are testament to the strength, resilience and vibrancy of our im- portant sector.”

#80daystoIMEX winners make it to Frankfurt W

INNING the #80daystoIMEX race for the orange team were Djazia Mokri and Ruth Frey from Dolce Hotels & Resorts who made a triumphant en- trance to the IMEX Opening Ceremony yesterday holding their orange ‘magic’ book.

Also making it to the show yesterday was the blue book which has had an extraordinary journey across the globe from Southern Africa via South America and Eastern Europe. Inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, the #80daystoimex race began back in January when four books were delivered to four pre- vious IMEX Academy Award winners in different parts of the world (red to the US, blue to Southern Africa, green to Malaysia and orange to Norway). Each recipient was asked to pass each book to a meetings industry professional, with the aim of the books changing hands as many times as possible – and visiting as many different countries as possible. The race was conceived by the IMEX team as a way to demonstrate the power of doing business face to face.


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