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      

Who were our champions (eg, helpers, supporters or sponsors)? How can we encourage more of this? How much/what would we order next time? What quantities were ordered and what was left over or what items sold out quickly? Can leftovers be stored/returned? Could we have attracted more sponsorship or donations? Would we use the same suppliers again and if not, why not? As part of your analysis, track

participation rates. If most of those taking part were from KS1, consider how to motivate and engage older pupils next time.

Seek opinions If you have scrutinised the results and feel that response was poor, step back and consider whether the event or its price may have been the issue. Listen to the grapevine for comments but, better still, survey your supporters. Ask ‘What could we do differently next year?’, and, ‘Was the quality of products good and the price satisfactory?’. A free online survey tool such as

size of your school, the number of volunteers you have and the success of previous fundraisers. Some things, however, are out of our  summer fair can be devastated by bad weather, for example.

What could we have done better?  get your core group of volunteers together over a coffee and work through the event – start at the beginning and go right through to  provides fresh ideas that can be used in the future. Questions for your team to consider include: Did everyone get the message? Who didn’t participate and why? Did the prizes make a difference to uptake?

Survey Monkey ( can make this simple. If getting feedback from parents is like getting blood from a stone, then offer supporters a small incentive by putting all completed forms into a prize draw. Aim to get a sponsor to donate a prize for this. Stakeholders and sponsors can

also provide important insight. Seek opinions from the Headteacher and any local businesses that provided donations. At the very least, send them an email sharing preliminary results of your evaluation and asking for their suggestions on how things could be done differently. Can class teachers seek and compile a feedback form from pupils on behalf of the PTA? Ask whether this is possible during the planning phase and have forms prepared beforehand.

Putting it on paper Ultimately, you need to ask whether the event worked for you – is it worth repeating (next year or every other year?) and what improvements could be made? Make sure your  of information that someone running

NEXT ISSUE:         

 Contact names, phone numbers and email addresses of suppliers, sponsors and volunteers Equipment required, stock and disposable items needed Quantities of supplies you used or would recommend  recommended changes to pricing in the future Successes and failures – both are equally important!

And finally…  up document, you need to store it safely so that future organisers can  the report needs to be presented in a meeting and lodged in the minutes. Your hard work needs to be kept

for future coordinators, therefore any supporting documentation also needs to be passed on, including: Newsletter content Order forms/invoices Sponsorship requests/letters Media releases and press contacts Spreadsheets Thank you letter templates. Maintain a folder that is kept in a

central location, ideally within the school, or sign up to a storage facility such as Google Docs or Dropbox. The key to ‘cloud’ or web storage is to make certain that the right people have appropriate access and  web storage is a fabulous option for retaining and sharing information. Are you ready to do it all over

again? The difference is that next  experience, plenty of knowledge and helpful hints. My ultimate advice is to go crazy with your ideas; be inventive, creative, and above all, evolve, improve and enjoy your fundraising events!

About our expert Mandy Weidmann is the fundraising coordinator at her children’s school, author of The Practical Fundraising Handbook and publisher of the Australian Fundraising   SUMMER 2016 23


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