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For I Was Hungry Taking Children Afield by Allen Dunlap, Co-coordinator for Northwest Ohio FHFH

This season I was blessed enough to be able to take Luke's sister (Allyson) out for her first successful deer hunt! I guess it's a family tradition as she was fortunate enough to harvest her first deer and donate it to FHFH! I am truly blessed to have such great children. They both understand the compassion and stewardship that is involved in our feeding ministry, and how it correlates with hunting and harvesting; then the subsequent donation of an animal for those less fortunate or simply in need.

While this was not Allyson's first hunt, she was persistent and over the course of about 5 hunts, accomplished her goal of harvesting a deer for those less fortunate. The other hunts, "non productive"? I say NO! Although we spent many hours afield this season, until this harvest, the score was deer- three, Ally- zero. I don't consider it a "waste of time." These other hunts were a great time to mentor, educate and reconnect with my daughter.

You see, in this day and age of cell phones, work, busy schedules, school events and the fact that our kids are growing up too fast, I appreciate a weekend alone in a

blind—just us—sharing stories and bonding! All too often I see peoples’ schedules get so busy that they don't have or take the time to give one-on-one attention to their children. This is what they want and need; regardless of how they act or pretend to understand a parent’s busy schedule. And let me say one thing, while as a grown up who feels they need a weekend away, or a guy’s weekend to recharge, many kids are left alone to find their own way or things to do to keep busy. Some of these choices are not healthy ones. They aren't young forever, and sharing any experience outdoors only fosters a healthier ideal of how to spend a weekend and what they can do with their time. A friend commented, “That he could think of a dozen other things to do” rather than spend an unsuccessful weekend hunting. I would challenge that comment. While we strive for success, I feel hunting with a son, daughter or any youth interested in the outdoors, is more about the experience than the success.

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The New Generation of Hunters Feeding the Hungry!

Young people nationwide are surprising their parents by deciding to donate their first deer to help feed the hungry! Feeding others - part of the heritage of hunting - is now being passed on to a new generation of hunters. Together let's encourage this new generation of hunters feeding the hungry!

Check out the FHFH Kids at!

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