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Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry

16.9 Million Meals and Counting! by Josh Wilson

“I was driving down a Virginia highway in late September to meet with some friends. We were planning to clear a little brush at the farm where we hunted, and to celebrate the landowner's birthday with a barbecue. About five miles from the gravel farm lane, I spotted a woman standing by her car with the trunk open.”

My dad, Rick Wilson, recounts this experience over fifteen years ago like it happened last week. He was about to begin an incredible journey - a mission to feed God’s hungry children that would involve thousands and feed millions!

“I asked if her car was broken down. She said, ‘No, but could you please help me over here by those bushes?’ A nice, slightly battered 6-point buck laid next to her car. ‘Could you help me put it in my trunk? My kids are hungry.’

In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus says when we help provide food for someone in need we are actually feeding Him. As she drove away I knew I had just looked into the eyes of Jesus.”

That same year we learned about a venison donation program called Virginia Hunters for the Hungry; we were able to donate a number of deer to the program. Then Dad felt led to give hunters in our home state of Maryland the same opportunity. With some guidance from David Horne of the Virginia program, FHFH was established through our church in Washington County, Maryland during the fall of 1997.

That first season enough money was raised to pay for the butchering of 3,800 pounds of venison - enough for over 15,000 meals! FHFH networked with sportsmen, landowners, meat processors, financial supporters, food banks and local feeding ministries to expand across Maryland.

FHFH was blessed with some excellent television and magazine coverage, beginning with a half hour show produced by Mossy Oak back in 2001. This attracted the attention of volunteers desiring to begin FHFH in additional states.

FHFH has now grown to include over 125 volunteer coordinators in 29 different states across America. Since 1997, FHFH has provided meat for 16.9 million meals for the hungry!

FHFH has been well received by hunters and non-hunters alike. Many who don’t hunt themselves decide to become involved as financial supporters…

“As a father of 13 children, I was deeply touched upon reading the article about the woman who was picking up road kills to feed her family. Enclosed, please find a check to help process one deer. May God bless your work.”

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