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An Outreach Ministry of God’s People Transforming Deer and Other Big-Game — God-Given Renewable Resources — into Food for the Hungry Among Us Nationwide!

I Wonder Who’s Feeding Them Now? By FHFH Founder Rick Wilson


When I was a young boy, my dad and I used to love going fishing with our bows. That's how I began reminiscing with my five year old grandson, Ezekiel. Well, he looked at me in a rather strange way and asked, “How can you fish with a bow?” Zeke is now six; and since the age of three, he's always loved taking his bow out and shooting from my deer stand at life-like deer targets.

At that instant, I realized a picture would definitely be worth a thousand words. The young mind our Lord gives each of us can spot many things at one time. I can only imagine the pictures he was seeing before we opened up our archery album. We looked through the many pages of my dad, my brother Don, and even Zeke’s dad, and his Uncle Matt with the carp we have taken over the years. I shared a couple of stories with him about the three of us easing slowly along the banks of the Conococheague and Antietam Creeks as well as the Potomac River in search of monster carp.

Carp are not native to America. They were introduced to our streams and rivers; and have become so abundant that there are no closed seasons and no limit on how many fishermen can take. I can almost feel one of those summer mornings with the light breeze that God provided to keep us cool as we were about His business. I told Zeke that suddenly a two foot long carp would drift by and then the youngest, my brother, would draw slowly and aim a foot or so beneath the fish to allow for water refraction. Sometimes we would score – sometimes not! Then we would either take turns or spread out along the creek bank.

Zeke kept repeating the following two observations as he looked through the album pictures with me, “Those are really big fish… and what did you do with that many carp?” I told him we ate some, we used them as fertilizer in our garden and our neighbors’ gardens; but we still had too many. Finally, one Saturday afternoon on our way home from carp shooting we drove down to the center of Hagerstown where a lot of people who didn't have very much food lived. At first a few people came out on their porches to see what we were doing. We opened the trunk of dad's old, black Buick, and showed them that it was full of big fish. They carried a couple back into their houses. When others saw what was going on they also came out; and soon we had quite a crowd taking fish back to their houses.

The next Saturday we did the very same thing with probably thirty or more carp in the trunk. Week after week that summer we continued showing up on Saturday afternoons with a trunk full of carp.

It became such a regular

occurrence that people would be waiting for us every Saturday afternoon to get the biggest and best fish. One of those Saturday afternoons a butcher in his big white apron came running up the street with a very large knife in his hand. He kept calling out, "I got dibs on that big one! I got dibs on that big one!" That ‘big one’ was the three foot long carp that my dad had shot while we waded in the Potomac River. We repeated the carp run for many summers. It added so much to the excitement of arrowing all those big fish.

Five year old Zeke was listening intently with a great deal of excitement as we looked at more pictures in the album. Less than two weeks later, Zeke and I happened to be driving down through Hagerstown; and I pointed to that street where so many years earlier we were taking the carp for His hungry people. With a quiet concern beyond his years he asked, "I wonder who's feeding them now?” Zeke's question caused a bit of an allergy attack within my eyes. I answered, "We are Zeke!” Yes, we are along with other FHFH men, women and kids. Not just on this street, but all across America, FHFH is seeking and paying butchers to process deer, elk, and even livestock to feed the hungry among us. And because our sons and daughters are watching you and me donate deer and raise the funding to process them, they are getting involved with FHFH KIDS.

Train up a child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22: 6 (NKJV)

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