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For I Was Hungry Hunters Feeding Neighbors in Need

Tim Fisher, Coordinator for Southwest Ohio FHFH, enjoys being an FHFH coordinator! In his own words...

It brings me closer to people like myself who share a passion for God and the great outdoors.

Furthermore, I believes there comes a time in every hunter’s life that they have a desire to give back. FHFH provides that opportunity, and actually sheds positive light to the minds of the anti and non-hunting public. It's such a rewarding feeling to help others and not just ourselves!

Hunting Tip By C.J. Winand, “Hunting Whitetails” Columnist

Considering how much we spend on deer management and hunting, mineral supplements is a cheap and easy way to view and photograph deer, and it also helps promote better antler growth. Establish your mineral licks in the late winter/early spring and refresh them as needed, or after periods of heavy rain. Instead of the block-type minerals, use the granular mineral supplements, which dissolve into the soil much faster. One mineral lick per 150 acres is considered sufficient. Placement of mineral site selection is critical. Licks are most efficient on level, well-drained, clay soils. Clay soils retard leaching of the minerals. When reading the mineral supplement label, look for a calcium/phosphorus ratio of 1.5-2.0/1.0. Calcium and phosphorus are the two most important minerals making up a hardened antler. Other essential minerals include magnesium, sodium, potassium, barium, iron, aluminum, zinc, strontium and manganese. Any mineral supplement should

contain around 30% salt. You may have to increase the salt content to get deer to start using the site. Once the deer become addicted to the lick, decrease the amount of salt over time.

Check local game regulations regarding the use of attractants.

FHFH coordinator Ian Munnoch in Monroe County, IN (left) is shown presenting a prize to Jaxton Collier and his dad Josh, for winning the KW Deer Processing/FHFH deer contest after harvesting and donating his first buck with a crossbow.

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