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22 - Apr 2016


Turfwerks Partners In Growth

At Turfwerks – our company tagline is ‘Partners in Growth.’ We really believe in that statement, and stand behind every sale with our experienced service depart- ment, and next-day parts delivery. But that isn’t what sets Turfwerks apart from other turf equipment distributors. What does set Turfwerks apart from the competition is the way we partner with our golf course customers, and that answer is by understanding where the golf course industry is now after the 2008 recession and providing our courses with the “new norm” for the golf industry – high-quality used equipment, and fi nancing options.

Benefi ts of this approach have proven benefi cial to our customers:

1. Lower cost equipment is absolutely required in our economic environment.

2. Financing options are critical to make any equipment affordable.

3. Turfwerks has multiple service locations around the Midwest and is positioned to stand behind each piece it sells, and be available for parts, service and maintenance well after the sale.

4. Dealing with a long standing reputable distributor with a long term interest in customer satisfaction helps eliminate many - if not all - of the risks associated with buying used equipment.

Be sure to check out Turfwerks’ used equipment link on our website or ask your sales rep how mixing a piece or two of used equipment into your fl eet can help you stay ahead of the game in 2016 and beyond. And as a bonus, ask us how fi nancing those pieces can really set up your course to have a great 2016 season. You can visit our website at or sign up for our compa- ny newsletter and receive great information, glimpses of our used inventory and deals we are offering our custom- ers throughout the golf season.

Wishing everyone a great 2016 season.

Turfwerks understands how important making equip- ment upgrades - new or used - is to the success of our customer base. Our company has reconfi gured its new and used equipment business around the growing need for providing our customers with affordable equipment upgrades regardless if the equipment is new, demo and slightly used. Every single piece that our customers acquire have been thoroughly inspected and refurbished. Additionally, every piece of equipment that Turfwerks sells can be fi nanced for a period that of our customer’s choice, with payments collected seasonally over a sev- eral year period. A wide variety of options are available.

About Turfwerks Turfwerks, headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, is a leading distributor of golf course and turf equipment. Operating in nine Midwest states, the company sells new and used whole good brands such as Jacobsen, Ventrac, Turfco, Smithco and Rain Bird Irrigation Products to clients, including parts and service. Clients include golf courses, sports complexes, municipally operated parks and recre- ation facilities, University athletic fi elds and commercial landscaping businesses. The company is in its 12th year in business, and operates out of fi ve locations: Eagan, MN; Johnston, IA; Omaha, NE; Sioux Falls, SD; and St. Louis, MO.

To learn more, please check out our website at Or contact Sarah Hoodjer, Manager of Marketing, at

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