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“I have been very impressed with the Power Planter auger drill bits. I have bought and utilized the Power Planters for each of the past three years to individually install ~ 30,000 native grass plants per year. The durability of the Power Plant bits has made planting in areas with large tree roots and compacted soil very fast and easy.” Matt Jones, Senior Assistant Superintendent Old Chatham Golf Club


NEW 1/2”

Fiberglass Sticks

#TSF 75 W/Y

Fast and easy planting for... Golf Course Landscaping Planting Trees Installing Signage Planting Beds

A size for every need!

Yellow or White was $13.95 ea.

$9.95 ea.

When planting with the Power Planter®

, the auger will create loose

dirt which will give your plants better root-to-soil contact and reduce death loss. It also leaves a small amount of loose soil in the bottom of the hole for the new plant to start growing.

Complete the “NEW LOOK” with NEW FLAGS - personalized with your Course Name or Logo

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Made in the USA! Covered by U.S. Patents 5067571 and 5113952 Email: 217-379-2614

Special orders available. Email with inquiries.

Apr 2016 - 15 Sweetheart Specials

24 in. OOB Markers with Ground Sockets* was $4.80 ea.

$3.36 ea. (Min. 24)

* Metal or Plastic Spike styles also available at similar savings.

SmartComb Rakes with Polysteel Handles was $9.95 ea.

$6.95 ea. (Min. 24)

Pyramid Tee Markers R-W-Y-BL was $6.25 ea.

$4.38 ea. (Min. 72)

1/4” Hollow Poly Rope 1000 ft. Spool was $34.95 ea.

$26.95 ea. (Min. 3 spools)

24/7 Sweetheart Pricing Valid 2/15-4/15/16 1-800-969-5920

John Deere Golf launches the New 9009A TerrainCut™ Mower, where productivity and control meets cut quality.

Now available, the new John Deere 9009A Terrain- Cut™

Rough Mower is the latest addition to John

Deere’s award-winning A Model Family of Fairway, Rough and Trim & Surrounds Mowers. Until now, using a larger deck mower in the rough meant compromising the quality of the cut. With the 9009A, turf managers can now maximize both pro- ductivity and cut quality, while having more control over how the machine performs on the course.

and labor savings of reducing the use of a blower to clean up the grass clippings.” The 9009A joins the 7400A and 8800A Terrain- Cut Mowers in offering customers exceptional cut quality and productivity in rotary deck mowers. Its fi ve-gang, 27-inch (68.58 cm) independent rotary deck mower with a 9-foot (2.7 m) cutting width pro- vides all-day productivity, which is needed for golf course rough mowing.

The 9009A offers cut quality that sets it apart from the competition and features a deep shell-stamped deck with no baffl ing and an innovative rear dis- charge for greater dispersion of clippings, resulting in a cleaner after-cut appearance. Plus, changing the height of a cut is no longer a labor-intensive process. The 9009A deck provides a quick height- of-cut adjustment system with no tools required, making height changes easy enough to do on the course.

“The 9009A was designed to provide productiv- ity while focusing on cut quality for early morning mowing,” said Tracy Lanier, product manager, John Deere Golf. “The deck design maximizes clipping dispersal, and customers who have operated the 9009A have been impressed with the dispersal

The 9009A TerrainCut allows turf managers to control machine performance through the Tech- Control display, giving them better control of opera- tion on the course. The TechControl allows manag- ers to have infi nite adjustment of mow speed and transport speed, plus allows for setting of the turn speed while mowing, thereby limiting the possibil- ity of turf damage from aggressive operators.

The 9009A is the lightest rough mower in its class and does not compromise on durability. When


combined with the standard GRIP, all-wheel drive allows mowing of slopes in multiple direc- tions without the worries of high side tire slip- page, making it gentler on the turf than heavier machines. Operators will appreciate the front and rear access points to the operator station that are accessible with the decks up or down. The easy- to-use controls are at their fi ngertips and the air ride seat keeps them comfortable and productive all day.

For more information on the 9009A, contact your local John Deere Golf distributor or sign up at for the latest news and product info.

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