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C 14 Oxford/Orion Progress Edition 2016

Next year, Oxford Overhead Door will cel- ebrate its 50th anniversary of providing sales and service for garage doors and garage door openers, both residential and commercial. That’s quite a milestone, especially when you consider how quickly so many businesses these days open and close their doors – pun intended. But it’s no accident that Oxford Overhead Door has withstood the test of time and contin- ues to thrive. There’s also no secret to the company's success.

The company is built on the twin pillars of trust and quality workmanship. "We have a good reputation and that means everything to us,” said General Man- ager Brandie Barrett. “Being honest and trust- worthy means more to us than profits. You can't buy a good reputation." That’s why so many folks trust Oxford Overhead Door and constantly recommend them to family members, friends, neighbors, even strangers. "Word-of-mouth is our best advertise- ment," Barrett said. "When people trust you, they tell others about you. To us, there’s no higher compliment."

Oxford Overhead Door is also committed to doing every job the right way – no short- cuts, no sloppy work, no inferior parts. "When we install something or service something, we do it right," Barrett said. "If we’re going to put our name on it, it’s going to be done right." "We have good, quality employees who put

Oxford Overhead Door was built on trust, quality work

their hearts into their work and that really makes a difference," she added. Having a garage door that’s been properly installed and functions correctly is important for safety reasons. If a garage door falls, it can severely injure a person or damage a vehicle. That’s why Barrett recommends garage doors be regularly inspected. "A garage door should be maintained almost like an automobile," she said. "Homeowners should in- spect them a few times a year. When you change the batteries in your smoke de- tectors, go out and check your garage door. Tie it to something else as a reminder."

Routine inspections and maintenance can also help extend the life of garage doors. Longevity is the hallmark of a job done by Oxford Overhead Door.

"Most of our customers keep their doors for 25 to 30 years, then call us when ready to get another one," Barrett said. Barrett said there’s nothing that gives the servicemen a greater sense of personal satis- faction than when they return to a house de- cades later to work on a garage door they originally installed. "It’s very gratifying for them because they take a lot of pride in their work," she said. "We want our work to last." That’s the difference between a profes-

sional, fully-insured company like Oxford Overhead Door and the guys working out of their trucks or worse, the "cobblers," who can "make anything fit," regardless of whether it’s the right product or part. "Buyer beware," Barrett said.

The sheer variety of garage doors that are

tastes," she said. "C.H.I says it offers ‘just the right balance of classic and contempo- rary’ and I agree. These doors are absolutely gorgeous. They definitely make a statement." Price quotes are available over the phone as well as free estimates concerning the in- stallation of new doors.

Oxford Overhead Door at 2118 Metamora Rd.

available is astounding, from carriage house- style to insulated, metal doors with the appear- ance of wood.

The company offers doors from CHI, Clopay and Amarr, but it can order doors from all manufacturers. Folks interested in doors can visit and view pages from manufacturers’ websites to select the garage door that best meets their needs and suits their style.

"Customers are always welcome to stop by our showroom as well," Barrett noted. Raised panel garage doors featuring wood tones – including cedar, light and dark oak, and mahogany – are a popular new addition to the C.H.I. line, according to Barrett. "It’s perfect for folks who have traditional

Barrett noted that when a customer calls for a price, if everything about the job is standard, that’s the amount they can expect to pay. Oxford Over- head Door always sends someone out to check the job and confirm the price before ordering anything. "We keep our prices standard for everyone," Barrett said. "We don’t raise our prices just to have a sale or offer a discount to only those with a coupon." Barrett noted Oxford Overhead Door has not raised its standard service prices since 2005. "We have maintained our business at a level where we haven’t had to do that," she said. "We know it's still tough out there for a lot of folks and we want to help them any way we can." Oxford Overhead Door prides itself on cus- tomer service and timely repairs. Often, its servicemen can handle a customer’s issue the same day, if not the next.

Oxford Overhead Door is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Satur- days from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information, please call (248) 628-4555. Oxford Overhead Door is located at 2118 Metamora Rd. behind the Ex- press Mini-Storage facility on M-24.

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