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A School for the Mind & Body is character education with a nutrition & exercise emphasis

A School for the Mind and Body (SFMB) is based on academ- ics, character development and personal health and wellness. “We believe that character education, nutrition and exercise are equally as important as reading, writing and arithmetic,” Owner/Cre- ator Nanci Canine said.

Grade! She was so prepared for Kindergarten and has made a wonderful ad- justment to school. Thank you to SFMB and the staff for such an awesome educational experience for our daughter!”

Canine explains: “Our program is based

Nanci Canine was on an air- plane with her husband when she was inspired to create a school. “I grabbed a napkin and wrote down a basic business plan,” she said of the event which led to the 2005 creation of A School for the Mind and Body. Now 11 years later SFMB has grown to over 150 stu- dents and has impacted hundreds of other children when it comes to “healthy living”. SFMB’s curricu- lum has not only prepared stu- dents for the next educational level but many students have been “advanced”. Here is what one parent says: “Thank you to Mrs. Neumann. Mia has been ad- vanced to 1st

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“love for learning” is what sets the school apart from other preschool learning centers. The state of the art facility and the educational staff has through the years provided a curricu- lum that each child can use to be suc- cessful! Listen to this parent: “Thank you for all of the love and care you give to our children and instilling the love of learning inside them at such an early age!”

SFMB Fit Families has also been recognized by the public school sys- tems for their physical education pro- gram. Many have adapted SFMB’s FF program to their own physical educa- tion programs! Personal trainers pro- vide a nutrition and exercise curricu- lum that the children do both at school and at home learning how to maintain a strong healthy lifestyle!

The dedicated staff of A School for the Mind & Body is excited to help your child learn and grow. Call (248) 814-7100 to enroll for Fall 2016!

on a “Concept of the Week” that is integrated into four Educational Units – Thinking, Learning, Nutrition, and Exercise. For example, if the concept of the week is love, children will define and practice love through the Thinking Unit. During this time teachers and students will discuss how par- ents love their children and how children love their parents. The Learning Unit will cover

the letters L.O.V.E. Our Nutrition Unit will be dedicated to discussing ways to love our bodies through healthy food choices. Finally, children will learn ways to show love to their bodies through exciting games and physical activities during the Exercise Unit. Each con- cept will also be taught and applied through art projects, dance, drama and story.” The SFMB environment and the spirit of

SFMB is shaping the lives of young children to be conscientious, confident, ex- cited to learn, and committed to healthy liv- ing. They have taken Early Childhood Learn- ing to a whole new level! They truly mean: “Saving Our World of Tomorrow through Our Children Today” To learn more of SFMB’s unique curricu- lum please visit our website or call (248) 814-7100 to visit our school.

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