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C 10 Oxford/Orion Progress Edition 2016 Dr. White D.D.S. of Orion Oaks Dental: “We get to know our families on a first-name basis.”

What sets Dr. William White D.D.S. apart at Orion Oaks Dental is his priority to be your friend, mentor, and dental expert. “That’s my philosophy since day one, and

Dr. Talmer’s philosophy for 40 years: getting to know our patients on a personal level,” Dr. White said. “And it makes it that much more comfortable for our pa- tients.”

At Orion Oaks Dental,

Dr. White’s team of certi- fied professionals treats each client like family be- cause that’s what it takes to create an informed and relaxed patient.

“Informed patients are better prepared to make

The warm and friendly staff of Orion Oaks Dental make first time, and long time, patients feel right at home under the care of new owner Dr. William White D.D.S.

the right decisions regarding their health and well-being,” White said. “And it starts with the most basic fundamental—creating a friendship.” Many of Dr. White’s long time patients know him on a first name basis. They know his two children attend Orion Oaks Elemen- tary and that he relocated his offices in late 2015 to practice dentistry in his home com- munity.

After 13 years of practice outside of the Lake Orion area, Dr. White purchased the 40

nology and procedures available in the mar- ket.

For Dr. White, education is ongoing. He is currently enrolled in a postgraduate institu- tion at the Las Vegas Institute for Neuromus- cular and Cosmetic Dentistry, and has ap- plied several new techniques to his practice located at 400 W. Clarkston Rd. “It’s a wide range of everything, as far as new technology for fillings, to full mouth re- habilitation, and issues with sleep. Our num- ber one goal is to stay ahead of the game in

tistry, root canals, implants, and extractions, while offering digital radiographs and nitrous oxide.

Looking towards the future, Dr. White is also excited to watch the growth and expan- sion he sees in Orion Township. He moved to Lake Orion in 2003 to start a family and is excited about the progress he sees all around him. “We love the area. The people, the commu-

nity, the school system, and as far as busi- ness goes, we love the potential for growth

year-old dental business off Clarkston Rd. from Dr. Sam Talmer D.D.S. in October, 2015. Dr. White and Dr. Talmer, along with their certified staff, offer the most up to date tech-

technology and resources.”

The general dentist practice offers a range of rudimentary and in-depth procedures, in- cluding TMJ, cosmetic and restorative den-

because Lake Orion is growing. It’s getting to be a vibrant little city, especially in the downtown, and along Lapeer Rd. This is what we look forward to,” he said.

And, now that his new sign is up, Dr. White is ready to join the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce, and mark a larger presence on down- town and township-wide events. Dr. White grew up in Ster- ling Heights, and has degrees from Michigan State Univer- sity and the Howard Univer- sity College of Dentistry in Washington D.C. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him out in the com- munity, whether at the Paint Creek Country Club and en-

joying the outdoors, dining in the restaurant scene or simply out in the downtown. He looks forward to getting to know the community and its families, and watching one time appointments turn into lifelong friend- ships.

Orion Oaks Dental is open Mondays and

Tuesdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Thursdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call 248-693- 4422, or visit their website at

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