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Oxford/Orion Progress Edition 2016 9 C In Business 17 Years

Nuview Nutrition 7300 Dixie Hwy. Suite 500 • 48346 248-625-5143 •

In Business 17 Years

Bullfrogs Bar & Grill 2225 Ortonville Rd. • Ortonville 48462 248-627-7755

In Business 16 Years

Skrine Insurance Agency Farmer’s Insurance

1520 S. Lapeer Rd., Suite 209 • Lake Orion 248-693-0050

In Business 16 Years

Regina Paul Salon 51 S. Washington Suite C • Oxford 248-969-9044

248-391-9300 • State Farm Insurance

In Business 15 Years 403 S. Broadway • Lake Orion

Scott Ockerman Agency

In Business 11.5 Years Randy Wise Ford

968 S. Ortonville Rd. • Ortonville 48462 248-627-3730

In Business 11 Years

Allure Vein Center 7300 Dixiw Hwy. #200, Clarkston 800-818-0332 In Business 11 Years

A School For The Mind & Body 936 S. Baldwin Rd. • Clarkston 248-814-7100

In Business 11 Years Premier Self Storage 100 Premier Drive • Lake Orion 248-276-9200 In Business 11 Years

Lane Car Company 2200 Ortonville Rd. 110 Ortonville Rd.

Ortonville 48462 • 248-627-8000 In Business 11 Years

Oxford Veterinary Hospital 6 Lincoln St. • Oxford 248-628-3092

In Business 8 Years G’s Pizzeria

2775 S. Lapeer Rd. • Lake Orion 248-393-0000 • www.G’

In Business 8 Years

Genisys Credit Union 2100 Executive Hills Blvd. • Auburn Hills 248-745-3346

In Business 8 Years Italia Gardens

1076 S. Lapeer Rd. • Oxford 248-628-4112

In Business 7 Years

Culver’s of Lake Orion 4963 Interpark Dr. N. • Lake Orion (corner of M-24 & Dutton Rd.) 248-276-2222 •

In Business 7 Years Banks Vacuum

2549 S. Lapeer Rd. • Lake Orion (across from Home Depot 248-693-7300 •

In Business 7 Years We Buy It

650 S. Lapeer Rd. • Oxford 248-236-0869 •

In Business 4 Years

Liberty Way Realty 400 S. Broadway• Lake Orion

248-845-2669 • In Business 1 Years

Celtic Knot • Gaelic Tavern 1318 Rochester Rd. • Leonard 248-460-7997 New Business

Maple Cove Bed & Breakfast 969 Maple Cove Dr., Lakeville

248-274-4680 • Oxford Plumbing & Heating/Air Vac Furnace Co.

They do it all, from pool/spa supplies to appliance repairs

It may not feel like it right now, but summer is just around the corner.

Is there any better way to have fun and beat the heat than taking a refreshing dip in your swimming pool?

But pools require constant maintenance.

That’s where Oxford Plumbling & Heating/Air Vac Furnace Company can be a big help. The 153 S. Washington St. business now carries a full range of pool and spa supplies including cleaning chemicals and fittings such as jets, skimmer baskets, vacuums, heaters, pumps and filters.

“The more customers we get, the more sup- plies we’ll carry,” said owner Dennis Greene. “If people tell us what they want, what they normally use, we’ll order it and stock it for them.

Robarb, Natural Chemistry and Rendezvous are the three well-known brands in pool and spa chemicals that Oxford Plumbing & Heat- ing/Air Vac Furnace Company is offering. “It’s all out there in the showroom,” Greene said. Computerized water testing is available as

well. All folks have to do is bring in a sample of their pool or spa water and it will immedi- ately be analyzed on site. Customers can learn right away if there are any problems with their water and what needs to be done to correct

The fine folks at Oxford Plumbing & Heating/Air Vac Furnace Co. are ready to serve you.

are going full-tilt. We’ve got three trucks on the road, each responding to eight appliance calls a day. Heating and cooling work is sea- sonal, but appliances break down 24-7. “There are no companies with storefronts that offer appliance repair service in this area,” he added. “The closest are in Lapeer or down- town Pontiac.”

nace Company is proud to offer its customers Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) air-purifying technology.

Easily installed in any forced air heating and cooling systems, GPS devices produce natu- ral, friendly oxidizers that seek out and elimi- nate contaminants and odors in the air. Tests show GPS technology can kill 99.6 percent of

things. “It’s just another convenient, helpful ser- vice we’re offering,” Greene said. Besides working on furnaces, air condition- ing units and water heaters, Oxford Plumbing & Heating/Air Vac Furnace Company also does appliance repairs.

“Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, we do it all,” Greene said. “It’s pretty steady work year-round. Our guys

The company is happy to offer assistance to do-it-yourselfers whenever it can. “There’s a lot of people that come in look- ing for appliance parts because they want to fix it themselves,” Greene said. “We stock quite a few parts here. We have probably 1,000 different parts for appliances. If we don’t have it, we can usually order it and have it the next day. We’ll sell them whatever they need.” Oxford Plumbing & Heating/Air Vac Fur-

contaminants – including viruses, bacteria and mold – in a space in less than 15 minutes. “It’s just a little box that weighs a quarter of a pound,” Greene said. “It has no mechani- cal parts, so it requires no maintenance.” Greene said GPS technology can be installed anywhere from homes to places where people congregate like churches and medical offices. Overall, business is very good for the com-

pany. Over the last year, Greene was able to expand his service fleet from 10 to 14 trucks. Because it cares about the health and safety of its customers, Oxford Plumbing & Heating /Air Vac Furnace Company is proud to offer something special to those who pur- chase furnaces. “With every new furnace that we install, we now include a lifetime safety inspection and start-up,” Greene explained. “As long as they own the furnace, we’ll come out every fall, start it up and make sure everything’s working properly. That’s free with the furnace for as long as they own it.” Oxford Plumbing & Heating /Air Vac Fur- nace Company serves customers within a 20- mile radius of its headquarters. Free estimates and 24-hour emergency service are available. Oxford Plumbing & Heating /Air Vac Fur- nace Company is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday; and is closed on Sunday. For more information, please visit or call (248) 628-8300.

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