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C 2 Oxford/Orion Progress Edition 2016 Associated Foot Clinic will make your feet healthy again

Foot problems should not be ignored, re- gardless of age, say the doctors at Associ- ated Foot Clinic, who have been treating pa- tients for 31 years.

The practice is located at 191 N. Park Bou- levard, off Lapeer Road in Lake Orion. Podiatrist Dr. Jeffrey C. Noroyan, D.P.M.,

Dr. Timothy B. Snyder and Dr. Gloria Christin make up the dedicated Associated Foot Clinic team.

Combined, they feel patient-oriented care is the most effective when treating foot prob- lems.

Most ailments are simple and can be cor- rected with in-office treatment. Foot afflic- tions vary depending on age and activity.

Dr. Gloria Christin

Heel spurs, heal pain and ankle in- juries are common, Dr. Noroyan said, and the most impor- tant thing to

do when experiencing foot pain of any kind is to have it professionally evaluated. Kids are going to have ingrown nails, while older people typically expe- rience poor cir- culation, bad bunions and hammertoes, he explained.

Dr. Timothy Snyder

Choice of footwear and proper foot care are other important fac- tors in maintain-

ing healthy feet. The doctors at Associated Foot Clinic encourage yearly checkups. Noroyan said one step toward healthier feet is ensuring proper circulation.

“Many people leave their shoes on all day until arriving home after work,” he said. “Re- moving shoes and socks, even for a few hours during the day, can provide proper cir- culation.”

Laser surgery is growing in popularity among the clinic’s patients with soft tissue problems, such as ingrown nails and warts, the doctor noted.

Dr. Jeffrey Noroyan, D.P.M.

The clinic also sees diabetic patients who are especially prone to foot ailments. Treat- ment often focuses on nail care. Most foot issues for diabetics can be cured with mini- mal amount of discomfort.

Associated Foot Clinic also performs in- office surgery, while pre-operative and post-

operative physical therapy is used to allevi- ate muscle problems. Foot orthotics are also available, molded and customized to patients’ feet.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 248-693-8400 to set up an appointment.

Lake Orion Assisted Living is a fun, comfortable place to be

Moving into an assisted living facility does not mean giving up the comforts of home, at least for the residents of those managed by Lake Orion Assisted Living.

The company operates a trio of state-li- censed assisted living facilities in the com- munity: Silverbell Manor, 1241 Silverbell Rd.; Orion Manor, 1814 Lapeer Rd.; and Pineview Manor, 2888 Baldwin Rd.

They are unique in size, with each accom- modating only six residents at a time, each with his or her bedroom.

The assisted living homes features 24-hour awake staffing and delayed egress alarms. Lake Orion Assisted Living specializes in tak- ing care of residents with various stages of Alzheimer and dementia.

“Unlike bigger places, we’ve made our fa- cilities as home-like as possible,” said owner Janet Mazzetti. But our highly trained staff can still take care of our residents’ special needs.”

She noted her home managers have each been in place more than five years, providing valuable continuity for residents. Many of the company’s clients are wheelchair bound or use walkers.

Mazzetti said the entire staff prides them- selves in the personal care they offer and their insistence on building relationships with clients. “If someone is just not acting him- or herself, we can spot it quickly and address

it,” she explained.

Another unique advantage of Lake Orion Assisted Living is its acceptance of long- term hospice clients. As a client’s health de- teriorates, there is no need to switch to an- other facility. Mazzetti noted the company works with all local hospice organizations. In addition, all three homes provide daycare services for seniors for two or more hours at a time.

This is a huge relief for many area families who take care of elderly parents, but may need to provide them with alternative care for work or other reasons, Mazzetti said. The facilities also offer respite services for longer overnight stays which, she stressed, many larger operations are not set up to handle. “ Families love these services,” Mazzetti said. “We provide them with the freedom to plan travel and vacations, while still knowing their loved ones are in a safe, secure environment.” Many Lake Orion Assisted Living clients actually come from larger facilities when their needs increase and they need more individual attention, Mazzetti added.

The smaller Lake Orion assisted living homes are not so hectic and confusing, she said – for example, the distance from one’s bedroom to the dining area may be 25 feet versus 50 yards in a bigger building. Like other assisted living facilities, music and exercise therapists visit on a weekly ba-

Residents of Lake Orion Assisted Living enjoy a sunny afternoon in the comfortable living space. change.

sis, as does a horticulturalist to engage cli- ents in a variety of gardening activities. While Mazzetti noted there is a current wait- ing list for clients, she said this status can

Persons interested in securing a place on the list or learning more about the services offered by Lake Orion Assisted Living should contact Janet Mazzetti at 248-814-6714.

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