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It’s difficult to travel through the lower peninsula and not stumble upon the iconic blue “G” of G’s Pizzeria illuminated from a distance.

Their family-owned brand of quality pizza originally opened in West Branch in 1983 and since expanded into eight locations in the Mitten. The Galea family opened the Lake Orion restaurant in 2008 and since has cemented its family culture into its reputation. There’s a specificity they want known about their restaurant: They are a family restaurant that has a bar and not a bar that serves food. That distinction has kept G’s Pizzeria a staple for families in the community. They’ve also built a strong relationship with the high school and have committed to supporting local youth sports. “We’re all family and I think that’s what G’s is to a lot of people,” Owner Chris Galea said. “It started with my grandparents and parents who opened the first one and continues with our newest location in Saginaw.” The restaurant is known for its award winning pizzas and delectable menu but starting on March 1, G’s will have a completely revamped menu. They’re downsizing their menu while putting even more of an emphasis on homemade products. What wasn’t homemade before, will now be a homemade speciality. G’s is returning its menu to staple pizzeria


dishes and will no longer have selections like ribs or “South of the Border” items. They are also distancing themselves from fried appetizers and putting an emphasis on homemade appetizers. Now gracing the menu will be homemade meatballs and macaroni and cheese plus many more.

“This is the biggest revamp that I’ve personally been apart of in the 10 years I’ve been with the business,” Galea said. “We really wanted to showcase that we make a lot of items homemade so we messed with recipes over the past six months to make the majority of our items homemade.”

Being locally owned and operated allows

G’s to personally know their customers and to listen to those customers. They focus on strengthening customer service while serving always fresh ingredients.

Recently voted the Best Pizza in Lake Orion,

G’s looks to make people feel right at home as soon as they walk through the door. They also have the ability to host parties, wedding showers, and offer carry out as well as delivery.

Their restaurant is located at 2775 S. Lapeer Road and their phone number is 248-393-0000. They offer online ordering at Their hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 10am to 11pm, Friday 10am to 12am, Saturday 11am to 12am and Sunday 11am to 11pm.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 G’s Pizzeria keeps with family values and unveils new menu for 2016

G’s Pizzeria co-owners Chris and Jason Galea, and Mario Genna invite you to come try their new, homemade menu. Premier Self Storage unveils industry game changer

Driving by Premier Self Storage on Lapeer Road it appears to be simply a storage company, but inside is anything but simple. Walking through a tenant space within the Premier building, one would have no idea they’re actually inside a large storage area. Premier offers hundreds of climate controlled, indoor storage spaces, but owner Dan Boorstein has taken the aspect of office space and melded it with storage space. He’s called it FlexSpace and it’s sparking a lot of attention from local companies as well as big name businesses.

Premier 2.0 building now offers the ability for a person to have professional, front office appeal and productivity with the added convenience of climate controlled and secured storage or light manufacturing space. The flex-space can be adapted to any size or shape the customer desires. Their all-season, indoor delivery area is accessible to the customer’s storage facility, office space and can accommodate a large truck. “The FlexSpace area is designed to be highly flexible both in terms of the size we can divide them into and the accessibility of units themselves. The FlexSpace units can all have their own individual front door accesses and then they also get drive-inside computer coded access for delivery and production,” Boorstein said. “It’s very unique I don’t think

there’s anyone that has anything like this anywhere in the Oakland Co. market.” This Flex-Space removes the hassle of a trying to find a stand-alone warehouse for company operations. Boorstein and his team work with the customer to develop a workspace that is tailored to their operation. Walls can be moved, doors can be added, and bathrooms installed all while having the peace of mind in knowing their product or possessions are secured in a heavily monitored facility. So what’s the downfall? Well there isn’t one. Premier accepts the burden in heating, cooling, plumbing and initial development of the space. Deliveries and transportation can be completed in a warm and dry environment. Equipment and products can be thoroughly washed in their drive-in area which is equipped with a polished concrete floor and industrial floor drain.

“Both our original building and our brand new building, that we opened two weeks ago, features a 6,000 square-foot, drive inside, loading areas,” Boorstein said. “So any size car or truck can get inside, outside of the elements.”

Boorstein has recognized that community and the country has bounced back significantly since the recession of 2008 and

Premier Self Storage is located at 100 Premier Drive just East of Lapeer Road and North of Dutton Road.

he’s seeing more and more operations grow and develop. He says that with the growth of those businesses and individuals alike, he has seen a need for his flex-space. “Instead of trying to force the mark into the box of small self storage spaces, we wanted to open that up and open up the flexibility and creativity for people wanting to utilize space.” Boorstein said, “The reaction has

been overwhelming, I have gotten more calls on the FlexSpace than even on the self storage space, which is already leasing up, even in the heart of the winter” Premier Self Storage is located at 100 Premier Drive just East of Lapeer Road and North of Dutton Road. For a free estimate or more information on their new flex-space, people can call 248-276-9200

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