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B 16 Oxford/Orion Progress Edition 2016

Don Harrison, co-owner and vice president of Community Insurance Center (CIC) celebrated 30 years in the business this year. Like many people, Harrison didn’t go to college to get into the insurance business, but after graduating with a degree in accounting the job market was minimal in 1985, so he ended up returning to his hometown and hired in at CIC with the thought of doing a finance division for them.

“I started in personal lines, and then five or six years later started in commercial lines,” Harrison said. “I became an owner in the 90’s and have been managing and assisting customers with their insurance needs my entire career.”

Harrison said CIC prides itself that many of their employees not only live in the community, but are active in the community.

“I recently moved back to Oxford after 30 years, so I am all in with owning a business in this community and again living in the community,” Harrison said. “It’s a great place to live.”

As far as insurance goes, one of the things Harrison said they’ve noticed as they’ve been reviewing customers’ auto policies is that many of them only have liability limits of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident. Those are the same limits of liability that were written 30 years ago when he was first starting, which is why they’re recommending that a lot of their customers go to a “much higher limit of

CIC: People who live and work in your community liability.”

“So many times people can afford to pay a deductible of $250, $500 or more at the time of a claim and that’s not going to set them back financially many years. But if they have to pay a claim that’s not covered above and beyond a lawsuit of $100,000 they may have their wages garnished or have to sell some assets.” Harrison explained. “Our thought is, let’s take care of big items, such as a lawsuit and offset the increased premium difference with a higher deductible on the comprehensive or collision.”

CIC represents some of the top insurance companies in Michigan such as Frankenmuth, Freemont, Pioneer and

with the company and having the highest level of business ethics with them,” he said. While CIC offers insurance for auto, home, commercial, health and life insurance, He noted that they have seen a large increase in providing coverage for contractors. Harrison

building new homes, so we’ve been doing a lot of new homes for people moving into the area as well.”

As far as insurance overall, Harrison doesn’t see any substantial rate increases, at least not from the companies they represent, but he does foresee changes in the auto-market because there are a less and less young people driving. “They don’t feel the need to get a driver’s license, he added. “Maybe not necessarily in the Oxford area, but the trend has been for younger people to get rides from other people.” CIC has been serving Oxford residents since 1955 but took the corporate name of Community Insurance Center LTD in 1978. They are located at 932 S. Lapeer Road and have a second location in Metamora, located at 3900 S. Lapeer Road in the stone english cottage style building, at the corner of M-24 and Dryden Road.

From Left: Lindy Helm, Kim Kruger, Lynne Weinman, Katy Kozma, Joy Schaefer, Shannon Bieser and Don Harrison. Missing Sue Woolsey and Rebecca Mather.

Auto Owners, just to name a few. “We’ve always been very aggressive and very competitive in the market,” Harrison said, noting that CIC was also named a five-star agency by Freemont for 2016, an honor they had received in 2014 as well. “That’s based on underwriting quality, being profitable with the company, growing

said they’re members of the Home Builder’s Association and have a program specifically for builders, noting that if the builder is also a part of the Home Builder’s Association there is a substantial discount for them.

“The last couple years we’ve had a good amount of construction business and we insure some builders that are very active in the area

They’ve also started more marketing and becoming more apparent on the web both through Facebook and their website. “We’re just allowing more ways for our insurers to communicate with us,” he added. “Requesting a quote, requesting changes and requesting certificates of insurance can all be done on our website”

For more information about CIC or to talk to a representative about the right insurance for you call 248-628-2505 or visit and find them on Facebook.

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