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Why LAKE ORION ROOFING? Real Life Testimonials!

Absolutely Amazing Company!

As with many other Lake Orion residents and business owners, the Orion Art Center was hit hard in the “Storm of 2014”!

Our insurance company sent out a claims adjuster shortly after the onslaught. We were sadly surprised when the claim came back in for a total of $7400.00! This “complete assessment” included such things as; 9 individual shingles, a very small percentage of siding, on one side ONLY!

Things just did not seem accurate so we decided not to move forward with any repairs until after we contacted LAKE ORION ROOFING. I personally met Mark Southern and Ben Sprague of Lake Orion Roofing after they repaired damage to my grandmother’s home caused by this very same storm. They were fantastic to work with and I knew I needed their help!

They reopened a case with our insurance company. Brought out another new adjuster and together with them, did a COMPLETE assessment of the real damage! Bottom line is what started out as a claim of $7400.00 from the original adjuster.....was now in excess of $41,000.00!

Thanks to Lake Orion Roofing and Mark Southern the Orion Art Center will now have a proper and complete makeover. I strongly recommend that anyone who’s home or building of any kind that got damage by the storm of 2014 or any yourself a major favor and contact Mark at Lake Orion Roofing before anyone else. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make!

Sincerely the new Orion Art Center I Would Highly Recommend!

I was only two weeks from arbitration over a dispute with my insurance company when I met with Mark at Lake Orion roofing. He analyzed the extend of the damages to my roof due to hail and wind and determined the we were not getting a fair offer from the insurance company and were going to have to pay for most of our roof replacement out of our own pockets. Using his vast experience in these matters he quickly headed off arbitration and got a new inspection ordered. He personally met with the inspector and walked him through the issues and at the end of the process we were covered for all of the damages that occurred. The work Lake Orion roofing performed was excellent and I recommend him for all of your roofing needs.

They Did A Fantastic Job!

I called a roof repair “expert” that told me I had severe storm damage. “The worst he had seen.” The insurance company intimidated the roof repair “expert” and said it was from sun damage, ext. and that it was not from “that” storm. The roof “expert” I had called said there was nothing he could do about the claim but I definitely had Hail and Wind Damage and that I needed a new roof.

My neighbor had a similar situation and told me things turned around once they contacted Lake Orion Roofing; all their problem were solved.

I called Lake Orion roofing and this is when the story finally improved. Together Mark (Lake Orion Roofing) and the Insurance Company inspected my roof. They determined my roof needed to be replaced and the supervisor even said “There was no question my roof needed repaired.”

The good news. Thanks to Lake Orion roofing, I have a new roof, and they did a fantastic job.

I would highly recommend! Mitch Kline

This Guy Knows What He’s Doing! The Results are Amazing!

It never occurred to me to even file an insurance claim until I overheard several co-workers discussing similar situations with their homes. I decided to call a contractor, based on hearing how good they were on a radio show.

This contractor came out, took a look and my roof and aluminum siding and informed me that they could provide a quote on a new roof, but not the aluminum siding, because they felt it was only slightly damaged.

I checked with my co-workers that live in the area to ask which contractor they were using – Lake Orion Roofing! ‘Why do you like them?’ “Because they are outstanding!”

Mark Southern personally came out to inspect the damage. He was amazingly efficient and thorough as he reviewed and captured the damage – This guy knows what he’s doing. Mark uncovered a great deal of damage the storms had done to my home. He worked diligently with my insurance company to make sure all the damage was addressed. Lake Orion Roofing did all the hard work with the insurance company for me.

I can’t begin to speak of how supremely skilled and professional Mark and his roofing and siding team were. Hands down, the best contractor I have ever worked with! The results are absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t use anyone but Lake Orion Roofing!”

- An extremely satisfied customer. PR

We have successfully completed 1,000s of storm damage roofing repairs. Lake Orion Roofing has extensive experience in working with insurance companies to replace your storm damaged roof, siding, windows, awnings & more!

Lake Orion Roofing has HAAG Certified Inspectors which Carries a Deeper Level of Credibilty. “Above All... Customer Satisfaction”

30 Years Strong 248-393-0055

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