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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

BEST Place to Buy a Used Vehicle in Lake Orion

Best Vehicles to Buy

in Lake Orion Hours:

Monday & Thursday 8 am - 9 pm

Tues., Wed., Fri. • 8 am - 6 pm Saturday • 10 am-3pm


941 S. Lapeer Rd • Lake Orion

***All prices and payments are based on a or z plan, retail slightly higher, plus taxes and fees , lease is 10500.00 per year, payments included RCL renewal or conquest (subject to availability) buy it now includes fmcc retail bonus cash direct offer, lease payment require first payment taxes and fees due at signing

Lake Orion’s longest serving fitness facility caters to the community at an affordable price

“Now is always the best time to start.” That’s the collective ideology that embodies the focus and atmosphere of The Gym of Lake Orion. Owner Rich Garvin believes that now, not tomorrow or next week, is the time for people to start getting healthier and making a conscious effort to improve their lives. Rich believes The Gym of Lake Orion is the perfect place to develop that healthier change. Upon entering the facility you’re often greeted by Daisy, the Canine Security Pug, shortly after you’re greeted by Rich himself.

“If you’re concerned that getting fit will take a very long time, you have to ask yourself what condition you’ll be in at the end of that time period if you don’t start,” he said. “No matter how out of condition you are, you have to focus on the idea that ‘if I don’t start now it’s just going to delay that achievement.” Inside the gym and situated more in the center than in previous years, the free weight area was expanded to allow more people to utilize the dumbbells while still leaving ample room for the gym’s bench press, squat and deadlift areas. State of the art treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and various weight machines sit atop of a new floor.

Student (13 to 18 year olds) memberships are only $9 a month. But as long as you continue your membership with The Gym, that monthly price of $9 continues even after the age of 18.

Even more impressive, right now The Gym of Lake Orion is offering a two-for- one special where you can enroll two people on that $30 a month program. “We’re the low price point alternative for this area, especially with the two-for- one, we’re well below any of the other clubs.” Rich said. “We’re the friendliest gym in town and I know many, if not most of the members by name.” The Gym’s regularly staffed hours are Monday-Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am to 5:00pm. All members have 24 hour access.

The Gym of Lake Orion is the perfect place for a grandmother looking to stay healthy, a high school student athlete looking to make the next big play, or a competitive lifter getting ready for their next competition.

Rich and some of the gym’s members getting their Wednesday afternoon Workout in!

Unique features to The Gym of Lake Orion are the sheer amount of free weights, a

professional rock wall simulator, and a professional judo area. But what’s more unique than The Gym’s amenities, is its price.

At just $30 a month with no extra fees for 24-hour access, it’s one of the most competitively priced gyms in the area.

“The Gym affords people the ability to have all the best commercial level equipment in an inviting atmosphere at an economical price point,” Rich said. “The most rewarding part of my job is being able to see the positive change in peoples’ lives that a regular fitness program will bring to them.”

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