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SureGuard Roofing: New location, same quality care

Moving forward to better service you “I’m very happy with our move to Oxford”

remarked Tony Saferian , owner and president of SureGuard Roofing & Maintenance. ”We have increased roadside exposure and are experiencing more people coming in and asking about what we can do for them and their roofing and home maintenance needs.”

Since moving to Oxford in the spring of 2015 SureGuard is finding that this new location has higher visibility than their previous spot in Lake Orion, and they couldn’t be happier about the response.

“Once people step inside they’re very impressed with our spacious show room that features many samples of the quality products that we use and literature about them,” Saferian added. Lately, Dillon Phillips, Tony’s son, right hand man and vice president has taken on the role of marketing and advertising for the company, especially with the use of social media sites, Facebook , Instagram and their own site, “Engaging the community, getting to know them, and introducing them to us, is what I’ve

been focusing on” Phillips said. This and good old face-to-face contact is a great combination.

“On Facebook I’ll post different tips on home maintenance, home renovation ideas and pictures of some of the jobs we’ve done” he added. ”People can go to any of the consumer sites like Angie’s List that feature customer reviews and testimonials and read those written about us. We have a five star rating on every site we’re on.” History of customer care

SureGuard Roofing & Maintenance got its start 28 years ago. When Saferian started his roofing business he applied a simple code of ethics. He believed you’re nothing if you don’t stand behind your word and your work. He engrained this in the minds of his crew members and insisted on every job being done in the right way, the only way, and the SureGuard way. Now, twenty-eight years later, with son Dillon at his side he still adheres to those principles. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a large commercial job or a smaller residential repair” Saferian says “they’ll make sure that the job is done right.”

Most people have been around long enough have had a negative experience with some other contractor and appreciate when somebody’s doing quality work Like SureGuard. “We’re not going to lower our standards of quality workmanship and products to cut corners,” Saferian said. “We just don’t do that, we take pride in our work” “We’ve noticed a lot of other companies experiencing numerous call backs on residential jobs because of the presence of mold in the homeowner’s attics. Sometimes these roofs are only two years old. That should never happen. These companies are just not checking their work to make sure it was done properly,” he added. That’s why SureGuard offers a complete quality inspection with every job. “Customers want quality work, not just something thrown together where they have to pay again to have it redone,” Saferian said. Repair and maintenance

“Our maintenance crews have been busy all year repairing the work of others” Phillips added. “Because we’ve been so busy, we’d like to thank our customers for their patience

and understanding while their work was being done. Because of the quality we instill in our work, it can be difficult to get all our jobs done in one week. It’s also difficult to find enough skilled workers needed to provide the kind quality work that our customers deserve. So it may take a little longer but we’re determined to keep our standards high and our customers happy.”

Sureguard does all manner of work including flat roofs, shingle roofs, siding and attic repairs as well as insulation. “We’re fortunate that my Dad knows both residential and commercial work thoroughly,” Phillips said. “Some companies only know residential and shingle work. When they run into jobs like flat roofs or complicated jobs that require more thought they usually don’t know how to do it and the home owner ends up with an inferior job.”

Saferian said sometimes they may have to get a crew out to perform a temporary repair to control a leak or something like that and then return to complete the rest of the job later. “It’s all part of keeping our customers

happy,” he said.

Another thing that SureGuard does that helps assure customer satisfaction is to keep their crews in roughly a 20 mile radius. That way, if a customer needs help they can respond in the shortest amount of time possible to take care of their request.

“We want to be able to service everybody whether it’s at the show room or their home,” Saferian We also offer 24/7 emergency service. Our customers are very important to us.” SureGuard Roofing and Maintenance has been a member of the Better Business Bureau

since 1989 and they have an “A Plus Rating”. SureGuard was also voted “Best Roofing Company in Oxford” in the Oxford Leaders “Best of the Best” reader’s choice awards in 2015. Their office is at 650 South Lapeer Rd. in Oxford. Their phone number is 248-364-4444.

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