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Issue 2 number 6 April 2016

We are God's Creation Paul Rast-Lindsell

Have you taken a look at the night sky recently? As I write this, near the end of Febru- ary, there have been quite a few clear, cold nights with an excellent view of the stars. Living in an almost rural area, away from the light pollution of urban sites, it is amaz- ing how much I can see - there is a clarity that makes the heavens shine. All the stars become a little brighter and the whole of the sky gains intensity. The other night, Jupi- ter and a nearly full Moon were side-by-side as I looked to the south-east with the constellation of Orion perfectly picked out in the sky to the south.

Whenever I gaze at a sky such as this, I am always filled with wonder and awe. For this vast sky, filled with innumerable stars, beyond my comprehension, is such an in- credible display of God's creation.

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I recently read that science and the Bible are in one accord about 'creation'. Appar- ently, the order in which God created the world on each of the six days is exactly the sequence of events that would follow a 'Big Bang', which, if scientists are to be be- lieved, came out of nothing and nowhere....

Nothing and nowhere? Let me make a comparison: 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.’ (Genesis Chapter 1 v 1-3 (RSV)).

Now add some billions upon billions of years of 'evolution' until, eventually, we reach today.

As you read this, it will be a spring morning in late March or early April. Around you will be buds and blossom on the trees, flowers blooming and birds nesting. The sun will be shining for longer and the days starting to feel warm again, all of which are even more reminders of God's wonderful creation that surrounds us. The gloomy days of winter are over and the world appears to be 'coming back to life'.

'Coming back to life' is what we celebrate at Easter too, a time of rejoicing and a new start with the opportunity for renewal. We are God's creation, as much a part of it as the sun or the birds and flowers. So now, with the spring days upon us, it is a good opportunity for our ‘renewal’ and to 'come back to life' as well.

Perhaps to do this it would be good to take a little time to stop and see the renewal around us instead of blindly rushing around each day, absorbed in our routine. Look at the flowers in the gardens, feel the warmth of the sunlight on our faces. Maybe we should set aside time to go out from the town and take a walk in the country to see God’s creation in all its splendour!

Paul Rast-Lindsell is Churchwarden at St Nicolas’ Church

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