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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 29 Issue 4 April 2016 Lobster Boat Racing - It is Not Long Now!


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This is the Diesel Free-for-All at Stonington last year. There is less than three months before

the fi rst lobster race of the season (18 June at Boothbay Harbor) and already there are plenty of rumours fl oating around. Couple this with the number of new boats being built this winter and the number of new engines put into existing boats and we could see a banner year. Back in October, the Maine Lobster

Boat Racing Association (MLBRA) held their annual meeting just before the Awards Banquet at Jeff ’s Catering in Brewer. The turnout was not as many as in years past, and the reason for this there was not a hotel close by. The annual meeting got underway by

thanking the two sponsors, Cummins and Mack Boring, for their support. With their support MLBRA is able to do get insurance, posters, program and awards. Without the support of these sponsors, we would not have lobster boat racing. Due to the light turn-out one of the fi rst

topics discussed at the annual meeting was where would people like to see the next banquet held? Bruce Engert suggested that he would check the restaurants and hotels in Boothbay. A discussion began about how to get more people to attend. A general consen- sus was to change the membership fee from $25 to $50 and the additional cost would cover their meal at the Awards Banquet. The members created a resolution increasing the membership fee to $50. This was voted on

and all were in favor. Next up was election of offi cers. The

offi cers for 2015 were: President, Jon Johan- sen; Vice-President, Travis Otis; Treasurer, Rachel Elward and Secretary, Genevieve McDonald. No one volunteered to run for an offi ce so the present slate of offi cers was submitted, seconded and all voted in favor. As for rule changes none were proposed and none were suggested. There were also no changes proposed

for the racing classes and again none were proposed. A major discussion took place regard-

ing stretching the truth when it comes to the amount of horsepower an engine has. After more than fi fteen minutes of talking, it was obvious that there was no solution to a problem that has plagued the races for a number of years. The fi nal topic of the meeting was

the schedule. The schedule was read and a couple of suggestions were made. Last year, due to inclement weather the Bass Harbor races were postponed until the day after the Moosabec races. This meant they were both on the same weekend and a number of racers liked this. With Moosabec going to run on 2 July it was wondered if Bass Harbor would switch to the day after, 3 July. Wayne Rich, who runs the Bass Harbor races, did not see any problems and after a phone call to Chris Eaton, they agreed to move to 3 July. Another change to the schedule hap-

of July. There was no problem and the change was made. The meeting, really more of a get to-

pened at the Maine Fisherman’s Forum at Rockport on 4 March. Wes Lash, race or- ganizer for the Friendship races, asked if it was a problem to move from the 17th 24th

to the

gether, for the lobster boat racers, was held at the Fishermen’s Forum. It was decided a number of years ago to have all changes made at the Annual Meeting in the fall, and that way no one who is building a boat to race gets surprised with changes in the spring. The offi cers were read and Jon said

that he had been president for 10 years and thought they should look for a new Pres- ident. Someone in the crowd said that he had done a good job and nominated him for another 10 years. This was quickly seconded and without skipping a beat a vote was taking voting Jon in for another 10 years. The major discussion at this meeting

centered on the banquet. Bruce Engert said that he had contacted a number of venues in the Bath and Boothbay areas. It was con- sidered to have the banquet at the Kennebec Tavern on the waterfront in Bath, which had a reasonable price for the meal. However, when asking the Hampton Inn across the street for prices the quote was over $200 a night for a room. This instantly dropped Bath as an option. Bruce said that he had contacted Robinson’s Wharf on Southport Island and they really wanted to host the

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event. He added that the Flagship Inn in Boothbay had off ered $100 a night rooms. It was thought that this was the best option and all agreed to make this the venue for the 2016 season. The only issue raised was get- ting people back and forth from Robinson’s Wharf to the Flagship Inn. As solution might be to hire either taxis or have the trolley make a few runs.


18 June Boothbay Harbor 19 June Rockland 2 July 3 July


10 July 24 July

Bass Harbor Stonington Friendship

10 August Winter Harbor 11 August Pemaquid 17 August Long Island 18 August Portland 15 October Awards Banquet, Robinson’s Wharf, Southport Island * * * * *

Following the meeting at the Forum

we usually put forth names for the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Hall of Fame, but un- fortunately we were missing four of the six members of the committee. It was decided that the nomination would be done via e-mail.

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