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For us in Essex it hasn’t been a bad winter, unlike many poor souls further north. The meteorologists have teased us that Spring began on 1st March but I was brought up on the solar system with its Spring equinox which is on the 20th. Confusingly, my diary shows that Spring starts on the 19th – I give up! Scope for a future article? I hope by the Spring equinox many of the 3,100 or so homes that

Netteswell Neighbour now delivers to will have received their copies. Hope- fully many of us are now enjoying the longer, brighter days and also looking forward to more outdoor activities – even if only a BBQ in the back garden. Springtime is when many people throughout the world celebrate Easter -

which is our theme on the front cover. Nikki Cooke kindly produced the cover especially for us – if we had paid her, we could even have said ‘commissioned’! Seriously, a big thank you to Nikki agreeing to our coercion. She is currently in her second year of studying Graphic Design at ARU on the Harlow Campus. The cover is both striking and thought-provoking. One cannot help but

think at this time that our world needs hope: Syria, The Jungle in Calais, Refugees throughout Europe, the many lives lost in war in Syria as well as in attempting to escape the violence. The list continues and is seemingly endless. History suggests mankind is often incapable of solving such deep and complex issues. The cover so eloquently suggests that perhaps mankind should be looking for hope in something that is both beyond this world, and yet surrounds this world. The clear fact is that the central message of Jesus, for us individually and corporately, is that despite everything He came into the world to bring hope and salvation. And the latter in all its forms transcends space and time of our earthly lives. (Interestingly ‘hope’ was one of our themes on the Christmas front cover, too). Certainly food for thought as we approach Easter. There has been some hope since Christmas. Yes, one can be cynical and

find examples which have appeared hope-less. However the EU for example has in recent weeks allocated large sums of money to bring relief for refugees in and outside of Syria. Only recently we have seen a partial ceasefire. On many news reports I have seen wonderful work to bring relief to victims in refugee camps. And the list goes on. Nearer to home, much is happening within the ward that is positive, dare I say hope-filled? The Downs School was successfully inspected by Ofsted in

January. More detail may be found on the Schools’ Page where Mrs Gelston reports that all areas of the school were deemed ‘Good’. The school has improved considerably from the last Ofsted in 2013 where all areas were assessed as ‘Requires Improvement’. Our congratulations to Mrs Gelston and all her staff who have clearly worked so hard to achieve such a turnaround in the school’s performance. Many reader’s will have read in the last edition of PCSO Megan Hardy’s sad ‘farewell’ after serving the

ward for several years. As she now explains in her ‘update’ in this edition on page 11 Essex Police has significantly reduced the number of PCSO redundancies and happily Megan has been retained. She goes on to explain though that her patch will now be much larger - so it seems a diminution of Police cover in the ward. Our only historical item is about Spurriers House which may be found in the footnote to the Update on

the Town Park Restoration on page 4. Mike is very keen to speak to anyone whose relatives worked at the house, or who has any information or photos of the house, as it is hoped to have information on the house and also Netteswell Cross in the new café. If anyone has any information, please get in touch. Looking ahead the Queen, who is already Britain’s longest serving monarch, will celebrate her 90th

birthday on 21st April. I am sure our reader’s will join with me to wish her a very happy birthday. Wishing everyone a Happy, and hope-filled, Easter

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